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Abuse of power

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Syrinatus, GM of Eden on Alonsus, is on the realm forum crying about how Starbolt, a guy he invited and promoted to commando_02officer within 3 days, completely destroyed all his hard work. Starbolt quickly changed persona when he reached the dizzy heights of officership in such a top guild, acting immaturely and pissing off guild members before saying ‘I think im gonna leave the guild’, which he did eventually decide upon. So what? Well, after leaving he decided to keep kicking people from Vent then ransacked the guild forums, changing it to a CoD5 website. Cool, eh?

The main problem I have with this isn’t even the fact that he did it. For such a ‘kid’, props on the mad web design skillz. Who in their right mind would entrust a new, unproven guy with an officer position, and Vent and website admin? How much of an idiot can you be? After joining another guild and being kicked, Starbolt then changed his name to, wait for it, Shadostealer and joined Reprobra Vir. Apparently the name change occured not because of his shameful actions in Eden, but more because he threatened to knife an officer in yet another guild. Quite the rapport that this Starbolt builds with his peers. Evilminx (god, I love how retarded names are on PvP servers) then comes darting in to the defence of his new member, who was upfront and honest unlike the OP. Yes, there be some shady backstabbing going on here. Was the OP lying? Is he a cunning troll? Well, according to Evilminx says, because he decided to whisper the guy on a bank alt to tell him how bad Shadostealer was. Truly conniving behaviour. This thread’s still in it’s baby stages, it might get better yet. Stay tuned.

Short post I know, and apologies, but I had about half hour after getting home from work before I have to go and buy a suit to look supa fly at a wedding. Then I have to pack. We’ll still be updating as much as possible over the next few days, so keep hitting us up yo. More BIG PLANS to be announced soon.



Quote of the Day – 18th June 2009

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Today’s Quote of the Day appears in the thread of Muslim discrimination.

Janekin says: tampon

i know what you mean though. i got kicked from my last guild because of intolerance too. i was discriminated against because i am a girl. i had to take frequent afks during raids to change my tampon. if i didnt i would get toxic shock syndrome. it only takes a few minutes but because you have to change your tampon once every 4 hours theres no way i could ever raid without this break or i would get a disease.”

– Katie

Uh oh… Religion and WoW in the same sentence…

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A shunned player earlier posted his dismay at being kicked from his guild for taking an AFK during an Ulduar raid. Brap, who said he was posting on an alt for “obvious reasons”, admitted he was a Muslim and that he needed to take short AFKs during raids to pray. He said he did this every day for a year as a member of the guild, and was shocked to suddenly be kicked for it.

He claims that this is discrimination, as he was essentially removed from his guild for being “forced to take a relatively short AFK break” here and there, which he thought was understood and acceptable. He wonders whether this is against Blizzard policies, and if he has grounds to report the guild for their “intolerance”.

Of course, there are some people who are “for” the kick and some that aren’t. The two opposing sides seem to be:

1. A GM can kick you for whatever reason he wants, and frequent AFKs during raids are perfectly acceptable grounds for kicking somebody. Perhaps you should look for a guild that doesn’t coincide with your raiding.

2. Any guild which doesn’t respect your religion isn’t worthy of your time and effort. This blatant discrimination shows that they didn’t deserve you as a member.

Islam is srs, so I’m almost afraid to post this.

But seriously, it is good to see that the OP is actually the most literate, calm and patient person in the thread, and it really puts shame to stereotypes. Where some flamebois say things like: “Everyone should wait for you till you’re done talking to yourself?”, “WHERES YOUR GOD NOW HUH???”, “Aren’t you a bit too old to have imaginary friends anyway?” and “pray for a better guild”, the OP is rational and only replies to serious respondents and doesn’t play up to the trolls.

There are plenty of, “ill blow up your family to prove my point”, “BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” and “so now u trying to invade the servers too huh???” It’s a funny read if you like political incorrectness. It’s a disturbing read if you have actual sympathy for the OP.

One fool compares raiding to open heart surgery for the importance of prolonged concentration. Yeah, ’cause that’s the same. Fuck, I’m a coward, this is literally the only guy I dare poke fun at.

But what do you think – is this discrimination? Or should we consider the need to pray as worthless an excuse as the need to randomly download some porn and play with ourselves half way through a raid?

– Katie

Well, our drama sucks in comparison…

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…to the Chinese drama of 2006. I accidentally stumbled across these stories from a random page that appeared when I was scanning google, a story entitled “The most famous pervert in China” which is basically the story of a man who finds out that his wife has been cheating on him with a student, and GM of their guild. After originally finding out and forgiving her, he is shocked to find that she has been at it again with the student, and decides to shame the couple online.

He posts on a forum about the affair, showing chatlogs, some rather crude in their content. There begins a “war” online, as hundreds of people flood to the server to make a protest about the GM, asking for him to have his rights taken away. However, things go a lot further when his address and phone number appear online. Things get so bad that the student and his family are forced to barricade themselves inside their home, as angry members of the “mob” assert that the student and his wife should be “put in a pig cage and drowned”. They also say that the university where the boy is a student should be bombed with Iranian missiles. (Talk about overreacting……)

the protest

This is old news but has distracted me from revising. If you haven’t already seen it, you should take a look. Puts our European drama to shame, but I’m pretty glad about that!

– Katie

The story of a (ninja) guild who vanquished a (ninja) trial member

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The alliance guild of “Vanquished” has been the subject of controversy on the realm of Quel’Thalas in the last day, after a kind-of-literate paladin moaned about his treatment as a trial member in the guild. From what I can establish from Taraksias’s little post, he says that he was a trial member for a month and a half (even though the guild only do trials for 2 weeks), and during this time he was inactive due to exams and went to 5 raids. During these five raids over the course of 6 weeks, as a trial member, he wasn’t allowed to roll on gear (even to the point that if he was the only one that wanted it something, it would be disenchanted – a bit retarded, but okay.) When they finally kicked him, saying he’d failed his trial, he was told it was because he was a “ninja” and he claims that it wasn’t his fault as a master looter had misclicked an item to him in a raid. OKAY.

Well, this is followed by a number of flames, “Do you really think we all need to know this?” and “Attention whore lol”. But it is then established that in a PuG, the player was involved in some colusion with a raid leader who “accidentally” gave him two items that he didn’t deserve. He was subsequently kicked when somebody contacted the GM of his guild where he was a trial and complained about it.

The problem with <Vanquished> and Taraksias is that they both forgot the fundamental rule of being a ninja - the element of "sneakiness"

The problem with Vanquished and Taraksias is that they both forgot the fundamental rule of being a ninja - the element of "sneakiness"

This is completely lame drama, and it’s basically an issue of “whos side are you on here?” You can either be on the side of Vanquished, who one player calls “a failed guild”, or you can be on the side of the barely-literate paladin. To choose between one individual ninja and a guild led by ninjas who prefer shards than to gear up people they take on raids with them. WEEE, 50g! Yay!

But I do wonder why Vanquished, who call themselves a “Mature raiding guild” (mature with a capital M, yo) recruited this guy in the first place. To my mind, mature can mean one of two things – age (Taraksias admits he goes to school and told them this on his application) or sophistication and ability to act grown up (which you can see fairly blatantly from his realm forum spammage that he is not).

Well, Taraksias won’t tolerate his name being dragged through the mud by Vasil. The somewhat foolish player goes on to make a new thread to defend himself – this time against the person that originally got him in trouble for ninja’ing in the first place. He believes Vasil is trying to give him a bad reputation (I think he’s doing just fine on his own, mind), and talks about the threats of being put on a server “black list”. Vasil has his own say on the matter (he’s either a busy-body or angry that gear went to Taraksias), bleeting some righteous babble about raiding guilds not being the right place for a ninja.

Poor guy. He’s just simple, methinks.

– Katie

PvP – Post vs Post

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What’s PvP without a bit of smacktalk? Since the days of CS and Quake 3, the need to verbally lay the smackdown on whatever opponent you just pwned has been everpresent. So today I figured it was high time that we took a trip to the super-cool PvP and Battlegroup forums, which we know are all about whining at others or rubbing one out over your teammates.

Over on the Misery forum, Jshama has thrown down and started flaming Favre over how shit he is and how he wintraded his way up to rank 1 at some point in history. I won’t lie, I’m clueless when it comes to PvP, I really am. However, whilst fairly old, the thread is highly amusing. You’ll have to excuse me for dragging this up, but I felt trolling the General and R&D forums alone wasn’t enough, and there’s surprisingly little realm forum dramaz in the EU right now. I’m really not sure what the hell is going on aside from wintrading whinez, illiterate OMFG UR TEAM SUK WE FARM YOU S4 and UR SHIT @ SHAMAN I BEET U AN I NOOB IN SAVAGE GEER??? Frankly I thought I’d mistakenly walked onto the Guild Wars forums as  various Al’Akir guilds storm in to defend their righteous champions. I’m really not sure what to comment on further, as this thread has no story to it, sorry. If you like a spastic gangbang of egos, illiteracy and capslock though, you’ll enjoy it.

I know, I know, I said this blog was above NERF RET!!!1. I’m not though in this case. Neimia of Frostwhisper(I can’t do funny e’s on the laptop) has dragged up two classic videos highlighting the massive skillz required to play Ret at higher ratings. The first one that he posted is quite obviously sarcastic, but the second is pure gold. I’ll focus on the second.

So, for anyone with any idea of arenas, you know you need keybinds to get by. Hell, I think it’s necessary to do well at PvE even. Keyboard turning is also a big no-no. Well. Not for this guy it seems. Despite all the ridicule, it’s fairly evident that the rogue he partners with is awesome and carries him, but even so the video goes a long way towards showcasing the mad skillz required to reach the higher echelons of PvP glory. Skillz scuh as nosediving off the bridge in BEM when you had a chance to end the warlock stood on the pillar, and burning your CC as soon as the game starts, as let’s face it, who needs CC in arena anyway. After the roaring success of his first video, Gigathor dazzles his enamored audience with a second helping of his pure pwnage.

‘Keyboard turning fat prick. Go jump off a bridge’. gotta love the YouTube comments. Seriously, I’m speechless as to how you can get to 2k without using and of the healing or support potential of your class, but Gigathor has proved how it’s done. Mad props yo, I know I’m going Ret from now on!!!


Quote of the Day – June 16th

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There’s nothing quite like a bit of wasteful money spending to piss off the WoW prolitariate. In this thread, some guy is Hammer_sickle_cleanwanting to buy a Spectral Tiger card/code and querying the reliability of doing so. After much flaming, the suggestion of instead giving the money to charity and the incredible overuse of the word ‘Period’, Ulgen of Twilight’s Hammer drops this bombshell.

LOL! This made me LOL!!! WHO GIVES TO CHARTY??? charty is cretade by communists who wants money for do nothing and go to africa and go liek “omg eruopeans and americans are evil, screw teh west, lets move to CHINA!”””
lol charty!!!!!

/thread. No-one can argue against that logic.