Ravencrest merge drama


On the server of Ravencrest EU, it seems that all eyes are on the thread, “Truth about the Merge“, with 11 pages of response made over the past month. It seems that drama unfolded when five “greedy” officers at the top of two guilds decided to merge in order to get “Epixxx faster”. Rosethorn, most likely a long-standing member of the guild who claims to have a “world class butt”, took a stand against the merge. As he delightfully put it, “I hope your next poo is a hedgehog.”

I personally think that with that statement, Rosethorn has already won the argument. However, it turns out that 4 years ago, Rosethorn (as a 53 druid) joined a guild simply to gear up and then leave again. This is the guy that rants endessly about the sanctity of loyalty within a guild. He fights back with: “I can only encourage you to swivel on my up raised middle finger”.

He quickly backs down after being told that he simply “did not make the cut”, but the vultures keep coming. He’s branded an “awful player” and a “typical loot whore”. Everything dies out and the thread finally reaches an all-time low of pure trolling.

BUT WAIT! Two weeks later, Rosethorn returns with proof that he was essential to the guild after all. <ON A BOAT>, the new guild, are ranked 115th in the world – compared to the previous guild Pretty Maids, who were 34th. “YOU CAN’T RAID WITHOUT ME”, declares he. He compares the whole tragedy to the sinking of the Titanic, adding, “There was no Leonardo or Kate to save the sorry story and make the whole thing semi-watchable. The whole server had to sit there cringing and watch you mess the whole thing up.” He adds: “The least you could have done after screwing over all your guildies was to succeed.”

I like that guy.

– Katie



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