I’ve seen some stupid complaints about WoW before, especially since Wrath launched. That torture quest in Borean?oliver-twist-gruel Inhumane, what kind of a message does that send to people? Raiding encourages children to murder people?? You all know what crap is usually spouted. This thread takes the prize though, but a loooooong way. Blizzard, in their increasingly nefarious ways, have decided that child slavery is okay in their books. China and India, you’re okay. Blizzard have spoken. In the new Argent Tournament dailies, gain a high enough rank and you, yes you, can own your own personal Aryan slave boy. He’ll carry your banner and bags for you, shine your greaves and tend to your horse. And you know what? It’s DESPICABLE. According to Xelior of Terenas. I’m personally not intellectually handicapped to the point where I’d read ‘child labour’ from squires in a game inspired by medieval combat.

I mean, of all the things in the game you could pick on, like drugs, torture and the slaughter of random animals for shits and giggles, this has to be one of the lamest. As Xelior astutely recognises though, this is not a parent-child working relationship. It’s a master-servant one. So not only are these poor, fictional, generically modelled (Yes they’re all white with blonde hair, Hitler Youth squires which I’m surprised isn’t a concern to this idiot) children put to the hard task of banner carrying for their favourite knight, but you could also insinuate a bit of sub-dom action. Call the police, Blizzard are promoting child molestation too! At the time of posting, the masterful Xelior has come into the thread claiming ‘he laughed to tears’ over the responses, but eh, I’m not actually convinced he was trolling given the ‘P.S’. I’m sticking to my guns.

In other news, thanks to Ravalik we have an update on our good friend Junkkiller, whos forum post that entry was based on has since been deleted, much to my dismay. You can find the new evidence here. Not only was Junkkiller indeed proven to be account trading, but his GM knew all about it. They stick to the plan with the guy’s life falling apart and him threatening suicide every 15 minutes however, but his noble GM calls for him to cease these threats and ToS-breaking actions if he wants to remain a member of his esteemed guild. However, several officers and other member’s don’t share the same opinion, with a good few of them leaving – both due to the GM being crap and making loads of mistakes, and because of not wanting to be associated with a drama-seeking black-listed gold/account seller. Fair play, homies.



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