Well, our drama sucks in comparison…

…to the Chinese drama of 2006. I accidentally stumbled across these stories from a random page that appeared when I was scanning google, a story entitled “The most famous pervert in China” which is basically the story of a man who finds out that his wife has been cheating on him with a student, and GM of their guild. After originally finding out and forgiving her, he is shocked to find that she has been at it again with the student, and decides to shame the couple online.

He posts on a forum about the affair, showing chatlogs, some rather crude in their content. There begins a “war” online, as hundreds of people flood to the server to make a protest about the GM, asking for him to have his rights taken away. However, things go a lot further when his address and phone number appear online. Things get so bad that the student and his family are forced to barricade themselves inside their home, as angry members of the “mob” assert that the student and his wife should be “put in a pig cage and drowned”. They also say that the university where the boy is a student should be bombed with Iranian missiles. (Talk about overreacting……)

the protest

This is old news but has distracted me from revising. If you haven’t already seen it, you should take a look. Puts our European drama to shame, but I’m pretty glad about that!

– Katie


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