The legacy of Michael Jackson

What we didn’t realise when Michael Jackson was alive was that he was actually a cause of much grief on World of Warcraft. Since his death, the WoW forums have formed a united front to pay tribute to the pop legend. After seeing what can only be described as an assault of R.I.P MJ’s all over the realm forums, I feel that I’ve actually learned a lot about the community of a number of different servers.
michael jackson
For example, if you like making disgusting jokes about heart attacks, paedophilia or plastic surgery where recently deceased people are concerned, Aggramar is definitely not the place to go. One dude received a major pwning from his fellow server friends for posting a link to an insensitive cartoon spoofing CSI Horatio Caine saying the cheesy line: “Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest. Seems he couldn’t BEAT IT.” There is further uproar following a link to a picture of Michael Jackson looking through a child’s window. This is the server to go to if you want to be amongst fellow grievers during this difficult time.

However, if you consider yourself a bit more light-hearted and don’t want to pansy around with flowery tributes to an alleged paedo you never met or cared about, you might want to stop by at the Auchindon realm forums, where they show you how to really spit on the grave of a recently perished pop star. He is branded a “statistic”, “naive” and accused of “living in a bubble”. People went on to decide for him that death “was the best thing for him”. Enter a few “what loot dropped?” jokes (including “Did he drop his nose?”) and people laughing at the guy who put a naked undead corpse in Orgrimmar called “MikeJackson”.

And if you really can’t decide whether you’re happy or sad that Michael Jackson has left our lives forever, you can go to Bloodfeather, where there is a comfortable balance of lovers and haters, including the ever so politicool Aniella who says:

“Hundreds of people die everyday. – It’s ok, natural stuff.

Thousands and thousands of people suffer from hunger and die because of it. – It’s ok, few people are doing something about it.

Billions of dollars, euros and all that is spent on warfare and to boost rich peoples lifes’, when all that money could save world from hunger 3 times over. – It’s ok, we need to fight against bad religions and diktatorz ‘n stuff.

Hundreds of people get sexually abused in worst possible ways, everyday. – it’s ok, money is more important for justice-systems, cba with that lol

Earth is pretty much past the point of return, and we’re all going to die because of global warming, and very little is done about it. – It’s ok, if few people recycle their sandals. Too busy being rich and stuff.

Rainforests are destroyed with increasing speed, destroying the planet’s ability to create breathable air. – It’s ok, we need more construction materials.

Michael Jackson dies. – AMAGASH CALL THE PRESIDENT!”

Political rants in WoW forums = totally appropriate and absolutely awesome, amirite? Mm?

– Katie


One Response to “The legacy of Michael Jackson”

  1. I laughed at the BEAT IT joke. I wonder which circle in Hell did that land me…

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