Wiimage of Bladefist has uncovered a dark truth


Now here is some serious WoW business. I mean, thank goodness Wiimage is here, or I would have no idea that I was about to die in World War 3. You heard it here first (or maybe in Wiimage’s thread if you’re as widely read on the realm forums as I am). We are due to enter a war constructed by the secret rulers of the planet, the New World Order, so that the population can be reduced.

Wiimage argues his case so perfectly that it’s impossible to believe that he could be wrong. He asserts that the New World Order have been around for the past 100 years, and are progressing very slowly so that we don’t notice. But amongst their plans for absolute world domination, they are planning to have us all tagged with chips: “They contain all of your data and GPS coordinates and if they turn your chip of remotely it will be like you never existed and you will most likely starve and die because you cant pay for food without a chip. There are also plans to plant a poison inside the chips that can be activated at any time killing you instantly if you are trying to resist or simply if the NWO feels like killing you.”

This is some scary discussion for the World of Warcraft realm forums, but Wiimage is SO dedicated to making us all aware of our future that he is relentlessly unstoppable. Apparently, he has already posted 2 or 3 threads on the issue before – all locked and deleted – and is still desperate to have his words heard. He offers various links to “proof” about the New World Order, explaining that our rights to own a gun will be taken away (I think I can live with that), and that we have all been brainwashed into believing that they don’t exist as the New World Order have control over the mass media, including YouTube. Indeed, they meddle with the view counter of anti-NWO propoganda so that the short clips never reached the “featured section” (well, if I had that much power, I think I’d just delete the damn videos, not meddle with the view counter).

People don’t take kindly to Wiimage’s warning, even though the poor fellow is only trying to help us become more aware so that we can fight back, saying, “Im happy that a friend told me about this and now im doing my best to wake the world.”

Of course, he was met with scepticism (infact, he was met with NOTHING but scepticism), with fed up realm mates insinuating he was crazy, such as Sargon: “I hear you can craft excellent tinfoil hats out of aluminium these days.”

BUT WHAT IF WIIMAGE IS RIGHT!? He sure thinks he is, and he thinks that on some level, we all think he is. He says, “You dont dare to watch it because you are afraid of the truth and that what im saying is in fact true”. Yep, that’s exactly why nobody’s wasting 10 minutes of their life on a movie which declares Obama to be the future world dictator who wants to kill us all.

– Katie


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