Patch day, ohnoes!

For all the patch day drama I expected to see, whining about twinks a couple of hours after the US servers came up 42be2_wi-gnome-warlock-twinkwasn’t one of them. In fact, I’d go so far to say that I thought twinking was a distant relic of the past reserved for the most retarded PvPers who had to go back in time and spend loads of gold and time on a level 29 just to get a sense of self-gratification and skill that they couldn’t achieve at the level cap. Apparently, I was wrong.

Crucifer made this post over at MMO Champion complaining that the experience addition to PvP has indeed ruined the PvP scene forever. Now, what you have to bear in mind is that this guy is a hardened pro when it comes to beating the crap out of undergeared alts who are just PvPing to break up the monotony that is levelling alone without the hallowed RAF bonus, to the extent that he even hosts a live stream of him doing so that apparently has attracted a host of fans the world over. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, that he feels the need to broadcast his shallow and unrewarding gameplay to the masses, or that the masses actually tune in to watch this shite. Flame on. The general consensus tends to match up with my own, with the particular sentiment ‘Twinks are dead and nothing of value was lost’ striking a chord here at home. Now, in case you didn’t know, the experience change means (as far as I’ve been able to gather anyway) that instead of  having your generic 20-29 bracket for example, 27s get lumped in together, 29s do and so on. The irony is that the twinks were practically frothing at the mouth hoping that this change would reel is unsuspecting prey, whereas in actuality it’s just pitted twinks against twinks. Particularly hilarious when you realise that all their efforts now mean that they actually have no advantage at all over other players, as there are very few lower geared players at 29 to pick on. Also, even if this wasn’t the case, I’m not sure who’s idea of breaking up some levelling monotony with a bit of fun would be bunnyhopping at the graveyard waiting for a res every few seconds. Not mine. As an aside I was expecting mass qq about how crap Isle of Conquest is, but not yet. Not yet.

Another inevitable point of whining was always going to be the badge change, where people for the ‘easy’ epics are fighting tooth and nail against the masses of oppressors who don’t want to see those new scrubs in the same gear as them that they worked so hard for. Yes, you heard it here first, Ulduar is hard. Those few set pieces that you have that you were whining about due to itemisation/set bonuses/looks a couple of months ago are now available to everyone, after you toiled endlessly to get your hands on them. The game is indeed fucked. Generic moaning thread here, but at least it has some level of coherent discussion on the matter. As an aside to this PvE note, still no whining about the new content, but it’s just a matter of time. In fact, I was shocked to actually see positive comments about how fun it was. Those world firsts are serious business though, so clamouring over the first Northern Beasts kill may be bloody, with server-uptime being a key factor.

Fear not though, there is one more thing to scrutinise. The cinematic. Yet another thread here. This machinima shit isn’t good enough for us anymore, we want the good old CGI back. You managed it for WC3, why not each individual patch wtf??? THIS IS UTTER CRAP COMPARED TO EVERY OTHER WOW CINEMATIC EVER WTF!? Well personally I thought it was pretty good. Obviously not on the level of the Ulduar or Wrath ones, or even the Sunwell one but what the hell, it wasn’t exactly bad. In fact, given the lore they’re working with here, which is generally the major drawing point of these movies, I’d say they did well to make it interesting, even if it is just footage of gameplay that anyone with movie editing skills could make. However, and this is the big one, how many times in previous Blizzard cinematics have their been gnomes on Amani War Bears parachuting from airships, eh? EH? Never, so in my books this one is fooking awesome.

One thing I’m noticing more and more as we progress through WoW is how the level of whining is multiplied to the power of whatever patch number we’re on. At least through rose-tinted goggles, vanilla was awesome and TBC on release was pretty amazing as far as expansion go. Yeah, remodelled MC bosses and an impossible entry raid in Gruul’s Lair were my idea of ‘the shit’ too. That about rounds up what I’ve managed to find this far anyway, expect more over the next few days.



One Response to “Patch day, ohnoes!”

  1. mmoredrama Says:

    Ah the joys of patch day. The truth is though, in terms of the “easy epix” factor that’s been implemented into the game, I do mostly agree with the whine posts (the difference is I wouldn’t ever post about it because it doesn’t bother me *that* much). However, seeing as things are being tailored to the casual player, and with me logging on for about 5 hours a week I think I can call myself a casual player, I’m not keen on these new free epics for all – even as someone who isn’t progressing through the top content etc.

    The issue I have is that when I log on to go to a raid, I want to be focussed on killing the bosses and getting ze epics. I don’t want to be focussed on killing the bosses and getting the emblems. I don’t like the fact that I’m not going to have any motivation to actually go and experience the instances as they’re meant to be – hard, progressive, etc. Instead, I’ll log on, zerg Naxx and the one boss instances and have a piece of Ulduar gear, and then do it again, have a second piece of Ulduar gear, until eventually I’ll be kitted in Ulduar gear before I even go to Ulduar and then I won’t be able to actually enjoy the bosses because I’ll be completely ready to kill them. There won’t be that “new patch day” feeling where you go in and you know you’re probably going to wipe. The first x bosses will be one-shottable, even though I’ve never been in the place before.

    I don’t why the “casual” players want this. And them wanting this means that people who are interested in progression, in wiping the current content as its intended, are going to start losing a bit of motivation too.

    I get sad when I think of when I was a fresh level 60 in Zul’Gurub, and the caster dagger dropped from Venoxxis and I rolled for it and my heart was beating really fast – my first epic! Now I can get an epic from handing in a couple of tokens I picked up in a 5 man dungeon, and not even just a low standard epic – a fucking top end epic that rivals the ones worn by those people who spend 5 hours a night in a raid experiencing the game as its meant to be played. Like when I was in The Aegis, and we did an 8 hour raid one Saturday (with a break for dinner and everything!) so that we could just plough through some content. We put the time aside, there was a really big feeling of community and we all just worked and played and had an awesome time. Stuff like that doesn’t happen anymore, there’s just no need. Because everything is so easy, the community is going downhill too.

    So yeah, I agree, but it doesn’t bother me. It stopped bothering me in TBC to be fair, and its been gradually getting easier and easier since, and there’s no point moaning about it because “c’est la vie”. I lost the motivation to be a “frequent player”, demoted myself to a “casual player”, and probably will eventually become a “cancelled account”. The fact is that I can’t even think of a way to keep both market groups happy either, so Blizzard are probably doing right by themselves and its the way of the world.

    And half the people with their “Bye Blizz” posts and their angry rants and rambles about how shit everything is are bullshitting anyway, just trying to make a point, hoping the threat of ceasing their own £9 a month will change something so that they can be happy.

    Anyway, ramble off. I needed something to do while I smoked.


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