UPDATE: Al’Akir boob drama – they got the server first, and now we get to see the goods

As Daine mentioned before in this post, a civil war emerged on Al’Akir when a pretty lady named Incarnia offered a boobylicious incentive for her guild so they would work harder toget the server first Yogg+0. And joy of joys, Immersion managed to pull it out of the ballsack and get it done – all in the name of free soft porn, of course.

Well, you may have been conned by the minx as, although she’d previously stated it, she had an evil plan to avoid anybody seeing the full picture. Yes, as a music writer who obviously thinks she has a good chance of being famous one day, Incarnia ignored the fact that posting any picture at all on a realm forum to bribe a handful of horny boys to kill a boss faster is really quite geeky and might damage her reputation as a serious (or at least “cool”) musician, and explained that, “this picture is non harmful and something that I can stand for even in the future if questions arise and this picture was somehow to surface up.”

And, oh no, we weren’t expecting this at all. She didn’t deliver on her promise. SHOCKING AND COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED!


Besides the fact that this picture is complete emo and girlish in a bad way, there are a number of things about this picture that probably irritate people everywhere. The teenage boys who were looking forward to seeing the boobies of someone they’ve actually communicated with will of course be agitated by the fact that she didn’t even show cleavage – yes, there’s about as much skin on this picture as there is on the CBBC kiddy shows my cousin watches. The grammar police (including me) will be reeling at the many typos, dodgy sentence syntax errors and, ugh, the letter “U”. And yes, some people who think they’re feminists but actually stand for everything anti-feminism will bitch about the fact that the girl is giving us all a bad name.

A bit of an anti-climax, to say the least, but I’m not sure anybody expected anything else. The word “cocktease” is mentioned, she’s called “chicken shit”, and someone else pipes in, “the little girl posting pics with clouds and hearts… You’re pathetic.”
She probably would have done better to just post her damn boobs!

– Katie


25 Responses to “UPDATE: Al’Akir boob drama – they got the server first, and now we get to see the goods”

  1. I am sorely disappointed as well
    it would have been so much funnier if she actually posted her nipples on the Internet

  2. Looks like she just googled an underwear model pic anyway.

  3. I agree 100% with Inslia..

  4. mmoredrama Says:

    Maybe. Even more lame if so!


  5. Hai, incarnia here!
    Nice article really fun to see that I managed to irritate enough people that someone made the decision it was worth writing a story about.

    People take things waaaay to seriously… Can’t be fun being a person who does that, always irritating themselves on others, pointing with the morale stick and often really really hate the ones who have a laugh and just don’t seem to care at all what people say about them.
    You know the “I don’t care” attitude is so much freedom, I strongly recommend anyone to try that lifestyle out, yeah ofc that is if you got the balls to actually pull it off.

    The picture was never meant to be classy or fancy. No quite the opposite, it is supposed to look stupid, silly and even horrible..
    Besides I never promised the people on al’akir to show my boobs to them, only my guild. We simply decided it could be fun (oh the horror) posting something on our realm forum to create a drama and I was given the pleasure to post the thread.

    I can have a laugh at my own expense despite being a female (yes I said it), apparently someone who looks like a underwear model (thanks) as well…
    Glad to have at least pissed some people off for real, yw the treat is on me 🙂

    • mmoredrama Says:

      Right then, editing comment, TL;DR etc. Cut down to the point: we aren’t pissed off. I found the whole thread to be very funny. I had no problem with you posting the picture from a female perspective, I’m not judging you for your actions, but I did find the picture to be tacky and silly. However, I’m glad you can laugh at yourself, but it seems from your reaction to this blog that you can’t ;).


  6. Well, I hope she can at least make some money out of posing in her knickers, as her grammar, spelling (I cringed at “recon”) and sheer arrogance makes me recoil :)))

    • mmoredrama Says:

      The recon thing was what did it for me too. I think I’ve been de-sensitised to “whit” now… All it lacked was a “rouge”…


      • I had images of a bunch of nerds with night goggles muttering things about “Operation: La Senza”.

  7. Ofc I can laugh at myself….

    I wont argue with anyone, you are entitled to your own opinions as much as I am mine. Except trolls, they’re just too funny to be left alone with their raging, emo flaming and bashing.

    However, if you want to sell a concept or an idea of something/someone.. In this case “bimbo, e-whore, low IQ, childish, cocktease and stupid” you have to do it all the way, half-arsed is just not going to cut it.

    • So you’re calling this your own trolling. Cool, subtle, I’d say 6/10.

      Double standards are fun. You’re the one who’s going to be trolled for buying yourself into a Yogg+0 kills using your breasts as a currency, but honestly, I think a guild that’s willing to put in effort into Yogg-Saron+0 for a picture portraying the breasts of someone they know on the Internet looks just as bad as you.

      As far as selling a concept goes, I thought the post wasn’t intended to portray you and only you in a negative light. The tone is sarcastic in regard to the whole event, including the unsurprisingly horny reactions.

      This isn’t a blog of flaming rage – this is a blog of SARCASM. Sarcasm, like effective trolling, is an art of SUBTLETY. Calling someone a whore over the Internet doesn’t strike as hard as gently poking fun and exposing the ridiculousness of the WHOLE spectacle of drama.

      • mmoredrama Says:

        High five for someone getting the tone rather than everyone taking this as a deadly srs personal attack.


  8. mmoredrama Says:

    Well, me and Daine are two separate people with two separate views and styles of “selling concepts and ideas of something/someone”. His blog said a lot of things, but he was mostly paraphrasing the words of other people from the thread. Any derrogatory comment I made about you being a “cocktease” was put in quotation marks, and copied directly from the same thread.

    The grammar and spelling problems on the picture are what have painted you in a “stupid” light. Also, I mocked the fact that you thought posting a picture of yourself naked would be terrible, but failed to see that, as a super cool celebrity one day, a picture of you bribing a bunch of gamers to kill a boss faster than another bunch of gamers with loads of corny writing and little emo quotations is actually quite damaging in itself. That was kinda stupid, imo.

    The action of posting the picture was not “stupid” as such, at least I don’t think so, although I think I’m maybe in a minority that thinks its your decision what the hell you do with your body. However, you set yourself up for a lot of abuse from the majority who DO think they have some kind of authority over you as a person, and if you can’t handle the remarks that stem from that then again, that’s quite stupid too.

    Also, the fact that you picked up the idea that we’re “pissed off” at what you did from a blog that doesn’t even show the slightest hint of anger may be seen as slightly stupid.

    So, yeah, you can take the “stupid” thing as being something we’ve directly thought and probably continue to think until proven otherwise, but all of the other things are the views of others that we are merely “reporting”.


  9. I didn’t intentionally refer you and your friend to be the ones pissed off, from own experience from the past I know some people will be.. Also people come here to read as you are an open blog.

    I don’t want to be a celebrity as that kind of life doesn’t interest me much but what I would want to do is create music that maybe some people will like. It’s fun and hard work with a lot of creativity thrown in there.

    Yes, authority over others.. That is a common issue spread like a plague in ordinary peoples lives, everyones for that matter, and personally I really love taunting people who believe they are better at understanding what’s right and wrong for someone else to do with their life.
    I face people like that all the time over the internet and IRL so I’m quite used to it by now..
    I’m the kind of person who does the exact opposite of what a “normal” person would do in most cases.

  10. mmoredrama Says:

    I don’t really know how I’m supposed to reply sorry. 😦 Odd little thing you’ve posted there.


  11. Take it as I didn’t find your article very sarcastic as I personally found it to be too partial and when I red it I got the feeling you were at times writing from your own personal view instead of shedding the light of what’s been said from different parts in the thread.

    If you and your friend got the feeling I blamed you for being the “pissed off” ones I’m sorry, I should have made it clear that I was referring to people looking here for drama that would get that specific feeling towards me.

    To answer someone else in here, I didn’t bribe my guild in any way.. In fact I wasn’t even present on the kill at all. The thread and it’s content was released the way it was in a consensus between me, the members and officers as we saw my intern joke as a golden opportunity for some maybe great realm forum drama.

    That’s it more or less, remains to be seen if you can find something in this text that you can start arguing about or worth replying to..
    Before you do find that “thing” please read it again, I’m trying to keep it natural at least with Katie since she seems like a rather smart and understanding person.

    I DID however find the “reporting” to be way too partial to be called reporting, gossip column would have been a better fit. But I’m sure you’re very good at what your doing and I simply misunderstood how to read the text the way it was intended to be read 🙂

  12. mmoredrama Says:

    Our blog is indeed very biased. We offer (“report”) the facts as they are shown, e.g. the story, the things that people have said etc, but we mesh in our own opinions throughout each individual post. If we were completely biased we wouldn’t verify comments from people who disagree with us 🙂 It’s not propoganda, it’s just light-hearted fun!

    Quote: “a golden opportunity for some maybe great realm forum drama.”

    My final thought on all of this matter, as I have kinda kept prompting at throughout the whole thing: you keep saying this is a joke, you keep saying this was *intended* to generate some drama, you keep saying you’re just having a laugh with yourself… But then you seem to have taken such offense when that’s what’s happened. 🙂 We’ve joined in with the joke, had some laughs of our own and merely helped burn the drama fire.

    In case this is the last we hear of you, thanks for stopping by 😉 It’s been fun!


  13. It’ve indeed have been fun, and you are mistaken I didn’t take any offense from all of this.. It might seem so from time to time.. But honestly, no harm done.
    Surely we can both agree on that to keep the fire burning you have to lend it a helping hand every now and then, now if I didn’t show up here and wrote everything I did our day would’ve ended up way less entertaining than it actually turned out to be.

    Btw.. GL with upcoming “articles” in the name of fueling the drama in this lovely World of Warcraft.

  14. Do we get the actual “cover-less pic” now that you have your own Blogpost?



  15. Epic lols, especially with the OP from the WoW forums commenting all kinds of crazy here. 😀

  16. […] topic containing the concealed breasts of Incarnia as “reported” by us twice here and here has mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Al’Akir realm forums. DUM DUM DUM! Weeks […]

  17. Tihi, that was to be expected…

  18. OMG girl on the interwebs?/

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