The investigation continues…

Before we get into the real post, we should first ask a daring question about CONSPIRACIES. After all, the forum topic containing the concealed breasts of Incarnia as “reported” by us twice here and here has mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Al’Akir realm forums. DUM DUM DUM! Weeks after the post was originally reported, it has finally vanished from the face of the earth – it seems that the powers above us at Blizzard have come to the conclusion that barely naked females IRL and a bunch of whining, competitive troll posts about different guilds being better than other guilds aren’t welcome to the official forums. At least we have copies of the photographs provided hosted on this site, or they’d be gone forever. 😉

And now for the real news…

You know what they say about some ideas – they’re too good to keep to yourself. That’s why Dabrin of the <Disgruntled Alliance> on Frostwhisper went to all the trouble of inviting the entire European WoW community to join The Great Gnome Run, an initiative which some people are comparing to the escapades of “Athene”, who has apparently shot to Warcraft fame for a “gnome humping” adventure on an RP server. But Dabrin didn’t just make a post on the general forums, most likely because it would quickly fall onto page 2 below a zillion whine posts about twinks and the recent patch. Instead, he went to the effort of posting the exact same message on every single realm forum in the EU. No, seriously! He admitted that this was no easy feat, as he said: “you guys are right – i did post on our own realm forum……… and the rest of the EU forums, which was a *#!*% to do. This whole “maximum 10 forum topics, new forum topic accrued every 10 minutes” is a killer! What’s most astounding is that he seems to have gone through the same ordeal the next day, replying to any questions or comments made about the idea. What it would be to have that much determination – all of this effort for one event which will apparently take 30-45 mins!

And like the Michael Jackson presence on the WoW forums, this adventure of Dabrin’s really teaches us a lot about the WoW community, and it’s sub-communities (read: realms). We can divide the responses of all realms into a few categories…

The Unbothered

These realms, which make a vast majority of all of the different realm forums across the EU community, have no interest in the event, or even the forums in general. In most cases, Dabrin’s post is still fairly close to the top of the forum list but has no replies and remains untouched.

The Fairly cruel

On Bladefist, for example, Dabrin is branded gay, and it is alleged that he has no life. Nuwanda, a night elf druid, is the most callous, saying, atleast i dont waste my time trying to organize some pointless “run” that in the end accomplishes nothing but waste of other peoples time … even thought this sounds very genius and i would normally respect u for being able of making people actually WASTE their time … gnomes are gay and there is nothing special about gnomes xept their size so it does rly make any sense why people start prioritizing gnomes over any other class just because they are “rofl cute”. Srsly what is wrong with people and discrimination ?” On Bronze Dragonflight, Hostage tells Dabrin: “no go die in ur cave“, Nordrassil offered the completely new and never seen before “cool story bro“, and Outland seemed to take a GREAT deal of amusement in the whole thing, with a string of lmaos and rofls galore, and Museum chirping in: “@#*@ing humiliating is what it is @#*@ off“. On Twilight’s Hammer, Zepu had some advice (regardless of allegedly having piles, and more worryingly, cooties): “This is pathetic, get a life instead and go out running with your friends.

But the awards go to…

The Self-involved

In the case of Defias Brotherhood, tens and maybe hundreds of new posts are made every day, and it looks like the majority of the server are constantly on the realm forums. However, as an RP server, it’s likely these guys are so wrapped up in their roleplay guilds, drama and various other such things, that Dabrin’s post isn’t even on the first page anymore. Yes, Defias Brotherhood is the most self-involved server on the EU (which comes as no surprise to people who come from there, such as myself). Tons of posts have been bumped and such since Dabrin’s, but his has been left untouched. DB is the only server where his post had fallen off the first page within the first day.

The Completely Confused

Thunderhorn win the award for being the most confused realm. It seems that it’s too hard to grasp the concept, and thus the invite received this response. I can’t even begin to explain what is going on there, as it’s beyond explanation. Take a look if you like to try and figure out the meaning behind completely retarded weirdness.

The Most Cruel

The only server which has more than two or three replies, none of which are in any way friendly or polite, is the server of Executus. This is the server you should go to if you enjoy a bit of group bullying.

The Surprisingly Friendly

It almost made my head explode when I discovered that the only server in the entire of Europe which didn’t flame Dabrin AT ALL, and in fact gave quite a lot of positive reactions, was none other than the drama hub of Sporeggar. The realm where a guild can’t be created without a thousand players wishing its premature demise, and where GMs are accused of all manner of evils after their departure, and where almost half of the posts have been reported and deleted from every single thread, is strangely the most receptive to Dabrin’s kindly offered invitation to join what could be a nice event. A few “awesome” compliments, and a bit of discussion about how fun the event could be. Bizarre.

However, as said by Daine in a previous post, the drama on the forums is unfortunately weak right now due to the many generic whine posts about the newest content. Thanks to Dabrin though, it at least gave me an opportunity to continue my ongoing scientific investigation into the different personalities of realms. Shame it took so much of his time as, with such a widespread response of negativity and a lack of interest on their own guild forum, it doesn’t look like this is going to be the most popular event to hit WoW. However, after seeing the effort he’s going through to make this successful, I think I might go along.

And for those who are interested in the “Athene” phenomenon, which is also making a great impact on the topics discussed in the realm forums, the below video should answer any questions you might have. Not that I’d know, my speakers are broken.

– Katie


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