WoW Radio versus Blizzcon

For once I’m going to go against the sarcastic tone of this blog and make a short post to just say how bad I feel for the guys over at WC Radio. As pompous as TotalBiscuit can be, WC Radio has been around forever and a day and has had a lot of interaction with Blizzard and the WoW team over the years, along with covering each Blizzcon along the way. After a donation drive to get money for new equipment specifically for going to Blizzcon, Blizzard has been in touch to say that DirectTV have exclusive rights, and no other fansite or broadcaster will be allowed to do so. Weepy as the frontpage post may be, I sympathise with the guys over there and felt compelled to make an obligatory post saying so. However, my eloquence is nothing compared to Gnomage of Draenor, who sums this whole issue up better than I ever could.

%%#@ Activision.
%%#@ them.

I hate the way Blizzard are getting #%!**d like a slave.
Your reputation as one of the best gaming companies in the world, has gone down the drain.



One Response to “WoW Radio versus Blizzcon”

  1. Dear Activision,

    Die in a fire. Your marketing men ruin everything.

    Sincerely, TEJ.

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