I Have No Words To Describe This…

I am flabbergasted. Maybe you will understand why if you enlarge the below picture:


It appears that a guild, “Homeland” of Scarshield Legion, aren’t getting as much publicity as they hoped for – thus, made the entrepreneurial decision to advertise themselves on Facebook.

So, I checked out the website that was being advertised, thinking “They’re paying advertising fees – they must be a pretty big and potentially famous guild that I’ve never heard of”. Not at all. This guild has 38 members, the majority below level 30, and their biggest feat in terms of raiding so far was an Onyxia run a couple of weeks ago.

“Bizarre!” thought I, and so I went along to the Facebook website and discovered this:

“The minimum budget is US $1.00 a day.”

Assuming the current rate of exchange is $1.00 = £0.50 (a rough estimate), this equates to £15.00 MINIMUM per month. Seems a bit of money to pay for a glorified levelling guild to get a little extra publicity, especially when it doesn’t seem they’ve attempted any of the free methods available to advertise their guild, such as the realm forums or even guild recruitment.

But I most recommend you check out the website. It’s rather unusual to see such effort put into a guild like this. It’s almost eerie. In particular, take a look at the guild history and the elaborate ranking structure. It appears that the GM feels he is running a company, not a levelling guild.

I just feel like words cannot do justice to the weirdness of all of this.

– Katie


6 Responses to “I Have No Words To Describe This…”

  1. I think they scare me…

  2. The Borg is everywhere!

    Resistance is futile! We must join!

  3. Totally off subject..

    I was, sorta trolling the mmo-champ forums this morning and it seems like this new worgen phenomenon have drawn a lot of furry loves to the forum boards… and so I get this feeling that a major drama outburst is inc, I may say that it already have begun… It could be worth investigation tbh.. Someone I’ve seen frequently posting about the lack of a male worgen bulge and other stranger things (O.O) just recently goes under the name of Meow..

    Since you guys did such a great job with your article about me I’m quite sure this type of drama is something you might take interest in..

  4. mmoredrama Says:

    Thanks Incarnia, we’ll be sure to take a look. Unfortunately the blog has had to take a back seat for the past few days due to some RL stuff, but we’ll be sure to update soon on the craziness that has undoubtedly erupted since these rumours have been confirmed.


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