What is this???

Taken from our first post:

We’ve all seen it, most of us love it. WoW attracts 11 million players, at least 65% of them illiterate muppets, 32% trolls and whatever’s left of us might act dignified, but the truth is we all love the drama. Ninja looting, guild bank thieving, ‘relationship’ drama – who cares? So long as there’s something to dig our teeth into at laugh at the expense of idiots, it’s all good.

The aim of this blog is simple. Dig up the dirt on whatever WoW community board we can find that isn’t your run of the mill NERF RET!!11 crap and dish it out here for all to digest and dine forever on tears. Forum posts are usually the place to go, but we’d like to be a bit more original than that. Got screenshots of your server’s village idiot doing what they do best? Found a video of a particularly massive tool embarassing themselves? Send them our way and give those attention wh-… err, seekers, what they love best. Along with the regular posts and quotes of the day, doing character profiles ridiculing the game’s biggest idiots is right up our alley. If you have anything to share with us, feel free to contact us at mmoredrama@googlemail.com.

So it’s simple really. Come this way, read, revel, reveal. We aim to be the one-stop shop for premium WoW dramaz.

Drama – we deliver.

That’s the general idea of it. This blog is written by two of us, Daine and Katie. Daine (me) is a paladin, Katie is a battlechicken. We both play on Defias Brotherhood EU in the guild The New Expedition. The views do not represent the guild in any way etc etc generic disclaimer. Katie is often referred to as a man by guildmembers, while she considers me a woman so we work well together. We’re both 21 (but she’s older than me haha), we both smoke too much and enjoy walks in the meadow on a summer’s eve and poker. We also both think we’re pretty good at writing. Yes I am currently hitting that. It’s good.

Obviously we both like drama and our relationship is currently full of that. A generic conversation such as ‘Pass me a cigarette’ usually ends up at ‘your face’ and ‘give me my freedom back’. We live together in a tiny room and have no life. I often throw glasses at her head for sport and we’ve broken up 6 times in a week. She often disrupts me during ‘my time’ such as raiding by hitting me in the face repeatedly with inanimate objects such as loaves of bread. I plan to marry her, leave her with 6 kids and leave for Vegas to become a poker pro – although she’d like to think she’d be my strongest competitor.


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