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The Great Gnome Run (on Frostwhisper)

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Earlier this week, I wrote an “investigation” post about the reaction of the WoW community at large to an event advertised by Dabrin of Frostwhisper, and you may recall that I finished the post with: “However, after seeing the effort he’s going through to make this successful, I think I might go along.”

Well, I did! And it was quite fun. I thought I would just share some screenshots of the event, and maybe later I will post up the video. I know that a lot of people think these events are nothing new, nothing original and generally quite dull and a waste of time, but I actually quite enjoyed myself. For a start, I’ve never bothered with these events because I’ve always thought “Lag central, what’s the point?” but I decided my internet and my computer can handle it, and I’d like to show my support as I know these events can flop so easily.

But this event didn’t flop. When I logged on, I was met with the sight of quite a lot of gnomes, all duelling and spamming every possible channel with jibberish. So much spam in fact that it was quite hard to get an invite to the Great Gnome Run guild.

What a sight to see when I first logged in

And it only continued to get busier. Eventually, gnomes were scattered around the entire gnome starting zone like little ants.

A birdseye view of the gnomes

So, Dabrin (on his alt Crankwell), issued the official rules of the game.


And then, without anybody even saying “Let’s stand in a line”, one was formed anyway. I thought it looked quite cool.


Some of us were a bit scared about the event… Would we be one shot by level 8 bears near to Kharanos? Would we be expected to run into the Searing Gorge?


And we were off! As you can see, I was quite far at the back, but I didn’t mind. I just wanted to watch what happened. Rumours were flying that people had minor speed increase enchants or were partied with hunters with the aspect, etc.


And soon the Horde started arriving, hoping we’d stray into a land which toggled us all on for PvP. About five horde were following us eventually, just waiting for the moment they could AoE hundreds of tiny level 1s…


And then, we reached a point where everybody levelled up at exactly the same spot from exploration which was pretty cool to see. Unfortunately this picture doesn’t capture it as well as it could, but it gives an indication.

mass ding

And then, luckily for me, I managed to reach the tram at exactly the same time as it arrived, meaning I could catch up. But it did also mean I had to share a tiny carriage with over a hundred other gnomes (reminds me of the London tube)…


But the crowd looked substantially thinner as we neared the finishing line… Perhaps a lot of gnomes got stomped by level 15 gnolls or burnt alive by Defias Pillagers…


But it’s more likely that the majority of the gnomes had got lost and gone in the wrong direction when told to go to the Lighthouse…

wrong way!

But the winner was Plainsrunner, who was the first one to reach the finishing line and open a trade box with Kuja at the final destination.

finish line

It turns out that since he was from a different server, he wouldn’t be able to make much use of the prize he won for coming first. So, apparently the event organisers are in discussions with GMs about transferring the item over to the winner. I don’t think it’s very likely, but we’ll see.

But, as a finishing touch to the fun that occurred, we did encounter Wiimage, who you may remember I wrote about some time ago. His name was familiar, so we spoke to the guy and showed him what we posted. Turns out he’s abandoned his mission to raise awareness to the world of the New World Order, instead deciding to just live his life. However, he does still believe in the views I highlighted in my previous post, though pointing out where I got one of my facts wrong! 😦 The conversation took a bizarre twist when he offered me his MSN address, but I guess it does show he’s quite a friendly and talkative guy.


I have a couple of other things I need to make posts about later, so this won’t be the last one of the day I think.

– Katie


A day of ninjas

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“It’s not common for the ninja to make the QQ thread”

But that’s exactly what happened here on Emeriss after one ninja had been ready to ticket a GM to return items to somebody. He changed his mind when the person he had ninja’d from complained and now the items are tucked in his bank, going to waste: “may that be a lesson to u all whiners”. Yes, let that be a lesson to us all.

A guy called “Babystrip” is a retard? Shocking!

Maybe this is where Babystrip got his name idea from

Maybe this is where Babystrip got his name idea from

And over here in Frostmane, a ninja thread appears because a player named Babystrip – hopefully you don’t get the same images I got there – ninja’d some legs from an Ulduar 25 run, and then it appears that he has a bit of a reputation for ninja’ing already after stealing the mount from OS3D. But the real drama comes when he admits ninja’ing the mount, saying that he did it because the player that won the roll (apparently a well-known gold seller on the server) had stolen his credit card details and was paying his monthly subscription fee with Babystrip’s hard earned cash. The guild <Rejected> were accused of being a “ninja guild” and didn’t like that one bit, and speculation was also rife as Babystrip didn’t enjoy the negative press, so got a paid name change. Yum yum.

And a genius names and shames…

And finally, for a fresh and original look at how you should really flame ninjas on the realm forum, Thunderfeet of Frostwhisper gives a detailed and highly entertaining run through of the events of a Naxxramas raid which end in absolute chaos due to an unreasonable master looter. I won’t tell you any of the finer details, as that might prevent you from going off and reading the post. Do it, its gold!

– Katie