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WoW Radio versus Blizzcon

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For once I’m going to go against the sarcastic tone of this blog and make a short post to just say how bad I feel for the guys over at WC Radio. As pompous as TotalBiscuit can be, WC Radio has been around forever and a day and has had a lot of interaction with Blizzard and the WoW team over the years, along with covering each Blizzcon along the way. After a donation drive to get money for new equipment specifically for going to Blizzcon, Blizzard has been in touch to say that DirectTV have exclusive rights, and no other fansite or broadcaster will be allowed to do so. Weepy as the frontpage post may be, I sympathise with the guys over there and felt compelled to make an obligatory post saying so. However, my eloquence is nothing compared to Gnomage of Draenor, who sums this whole issue up better than I ever could.

%%#@ Activision.
%%#@ them.

I hate the way Blizzard are getting #%!**d like a slave.
Your reputation as one of the best gaming companies in the world, has gone down the drain.



Shield of the Self-Righteous

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Now, I’ve written about Allene before, but after browsing the General forums as we do over the last couple of days I feel compelled to do so again. I don’t think I’ve ever, in all of my 4 years in WoW, seen someone so far up their own arse that they came out the other side brown. As you will have seen if you read that post, Allene is a player that doesn’t feel he/she (I’m not really sure, so from now on I’ll just use he for no other reason than it most likely is) needs to comply to general ettiquette within the game, and isn’t interested in doing content in any other way than his way. Despite posting many, many gems in many, many threads, I’m going to focus on this one.

Since 3.2, on overpopulated servers it has been harder and harder to get into instances due to the ‘can’t be launched’ message. To be expected really, with everyone and their dog farming for mad T8 badge gear. A lot of the points the OP make are pretty fair, showing the level of spaz apparent in the WoW community at large. However, Allene manages to derail the thread away from the OP within the first page, and make it all about his problems. This might however be due to the fact that he’s a tool and everyone hates his self-righteous drivel. His argument is that by not allowing people in blues and some BoE epics tank heroics and 10 mans, you’re not allowing them to experience the game in the way it was played in November. Top guilds got to do it this way, so why should casuals have more pre-requisites put on them to experience the content now? Obviously not because these ‘no-lifers’ as he likes to call them have been working together for ages and generally are pretty good at this raiding thing.

So let me get this straight. Instead of farming badges for easier gear being a good thing, it’s actually stopping people from being able to experience the game, and makes it harder for casuals to gear up. Right. Let’s just take a moment to look at this guy’s Armoury. Can I just add, for the record, that I’ve maybe done four Heroics, one Naxx 10 and one Ulduar 10 as a tank on my Paladin, and have better tanking gear than this. Maybe that fact that his gear is shite and he has a terrible attitude is the real reason he can’t get groups. With that out of the way, we can see that effort to buy BoE pieces is above this guy. Naxx 10 was tanked by x guild in November like this, he should be able to aswell. Fair enough. Just don’t expect 90% of the community to agree. Apparently though, he wouldn’t even be getting carried as you can’t carry a main tank.

This doesn’t end here though. As you may have noticed, Allene is guildless, but not through lack of trying in a massively stupid way. What guild would really accept a guy who, and I’m paraphrasing here, will delete any piece of offspec gear that he didn’t earn while playing the offspec, will demand to tank everything to progress his character as he won’t be boosted, and won’t farm badges from Heroics/Naxx unless he’s allowed to do it ‘the hard way’. This would all be fair enough if he’d set up his own group, but I guess that’s harder than forcing people to agree with you. Another thing to note is he won’t read tactics in advance, as the raidleaders back in November didn’t know the tactics so why should he? Again, more pressure on casuals now. As good as all this is, the real kicker is that ‘no-lifer’ hardcore raiders are scared of people being able to get Tier 8 gear because it levels the playing field and will show up their lack of skill. I’m starting to see a flaw in the self-proclaimed consistent argument that he prides himself on here. Gear is so hard to get becuase no-one lets you, yet it levels the playing field and takes away the exclusivity the ‘no-lifers’ covet so much because it’s easy to get. Right.

Going back to the guild thing, he feels he needs to be upfront about ‘his way’ because he doesn’t want to deceive the guild he’s applying to into thinking he’s a team played who will compromise to help the group move forward (my words not his). Ironically, Allene is also the maker of an add-on that creates fake achievements for you to link, so you can deceive raidleaders who demand them for entry to their groups. Definitely a masterclass in showing how to be an upstanding, intelligent contributor to the community right here.


P.S. I forgot to mention that Katie just started a full time job, so chances she won’t update quite as much, or at least not until late in the evening.

The investigation continues…

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Before we get into the real post, we should first ask a daring question about CONSPIRACIES. After all, the forum topic containing the concealed breasts of Incarnia as “reported” by us twice here and here has mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Al’Akir realm forums. DUM DUM DUM! Weeks after the post was originally reported, it has finally vanished from the face of the earth – it seems that the powers above us at Blizzard have come to the conclusion that barely naked females IRL and a bunch of whining, competitive troll posts about different guilds being better than other guilds aren’t welcome to the official forums. At least we have copies of the photographs provided hosted on this site, or they’d be gone forever. 😉

And now for the real news…

You know what they say about some ideas – they’re too good to keep to yourself. That’s why Dabrin of the <Disgruntled Alliance> on Frostwhisper went to all the trouble of inviting the entire European WoW community to join The Great Gnome Run, an initiative which some people are comparing to the escapades of “Athene”, who has apparently shot to Warcraft fame for a “gnome humping” adventure on an RP server. But Dabrin didn’t just make a post on the general forums, most likely because it would quickly fall onto page 2 below a zillion whine posts about twinks and the recent patch. Instead, he went to the effort of posting the exact same message on every single realm forum in the EU. No, seriously! He admitted that this was no easy feat, as he said: “you guys are right – i did post on our own realm forum……… and the rest of the EU forums, which was a *#!*% to do. This whole “maximum 10 forum topics, new forum topic accrued every 10 minutes” is a killer! What’s most astounding is that he seems to have gone through the same ordeal the next day, replying to any questions or comments made about the idea. What it would be to have that much determination – all of this effort for one event which will apparently take 30-45 mins!

And like the Michael Jackson presence on the WoW forums, this adventure of Dabrin’s really teaches us a lot about the WoW community, and it’s sub-communities (read: realms). We can divide the responses of all realms into a few categories…

The Unbothered

These realms, which make a vast majority of all of the different realm forums across the EU community, have no interest in the event, or even the forums in general. In most cases, Dabrin’s post is still fairly close to the top of the forum list but has no replies and remains untouched.

The Fairly cruel

On Bladefist, for example, Dabrin is branded gay, and it is alleged that he has no life. Nuwanda, a night elf druid, is the most callous, saying, atleast i dont waste my time trying to organize some pointless “run” that in the end accomplishes nothing but waste of other peoples time … even thought this sounds very genius and i would normally respect u for being able of making people actually WASTE their time … gnomes are gay and there is nothing special about gnomes xept their size so it does rly make any sense why people start prioritizing gnomes over any other class just because they are “rofl cute”. Srsly what is wrong with people and discrimination ?” On Bronze Dragonflight, Hostage tells Dabrin: “no go die in ur cave“, Nordrassil offered the completely new and never seen before “cool story bro“, and Outland seemed to take a GREAT deal of amusement in the whole thing, with a string of lmaos and rofls galore, and Museum chirping in: “@#*@ing humiliating is what it is @#*@ off“. On Twilight’s Hammer, Zepu had some advice (regardless of allegedly having piles, and more worryingly, cooties): “This is pathetic, get a life instead and go out running with your friends.

But the awards go to…

The Self-involved

In the case of Defias Brotherhood, tens and maybe hundreds of new posts are made every day, and it looks like the majority of the server are constantly on the realm forums. However, as an RP server, it’s likely these guys are so wrapped up in their roleplay guilds, drama and various other such things, that Dabrin’s post isn’t even on the first page anymore. Yes, Defias Brotherhood is the most self-involved server on the EU (which comes as no surprise to people who come from there, such as myself). Tons of posts have been bumped and such since Dabrin’s, but his has been left untouched. DB is the only server where his post had fallen off the first page within the first day.

The Completely Confused

Thunderhorn win the award for being the most confused realm. It seems that it’s too hard to grasp the concept, and thus the invite received this response. I can’t even begin to explain what is going on there, as it’s beyond explanation. Take a look if you like to try and figure out the meaning behind completely retarded weirdness.

The Most Cruel

The only server which has more than two or three replies, none of which are in any way friendly or polite, is the server of Executus. This is the server you should go to if you enjoy a bit of group bullying.

The Surprisingly Friendly

It almost made my head explode when I discovered that the only server in the entire of Europe which didn’t flame Dabrin AT ALL, and in fact gave quite a lot of positive reactions, was none other than the drama hub of Sporeggar. The realm where a guild can’t be created without a thousand players wishing its premature demise, and where GMs are accused of all manner of evils after their departure, and where almost half of the posts have been reported and deleted from every single thread, is strangely the most receptive to Dabrin’s kindly offered invitation to join what could be a nice event. A few “awesome” compliments, and a bit of discussion about how fun the event could be. Bizarre.

However, as said by Daine in a previous post, the drama on the forums is unfortunately weak right now due to the many generic whine posts about the newest content. Thanks to Dabrin though, it at least gave me an opportunity to continue my ongoing scientific investigation into the different personalities of realms. Shame it took so much of his time as, with such a widespread response of negativity and a lack of interest on their own guild forum, it doesn’t look like this is going to be the most popular event to hit WoW. However, after seeing the effort he’s going through to make this successful, I think I might go along.

And for those who are interested in the “Athene” phenomenon, which is also making a great impact on the topics discussed in the realm forums, the below video should answer any questions you might have. Not that I’d know, my speakers are broken.

– Katie

Giving PvP a Hand!

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World PvP is a pretty rare occurence these days, with most people either ignoring it completely or just having the oddnowhining city raid because achievements are cool. Not so for these guys. Zylos Hand, of Frostwhisper, Ravenholdt, Al’Akir and now Burning Blade, have one mission and one mission only: to gank. A highly cowardly practice, I’m sure we all agree. Bolvar with stupid accents certainly does, proclaiming them ‘some kind of noob guild seriously’, and that they should ‘go raid or something’. Crying about their ganking antics aside, some of the realm seem to really enjoy the new take on things. The Hand have objectives like ganking at stones to cut supply lines, which is pretty cool imo. Due to them being a big pain in the backside, this wonderful month hath been proclaimed ‘Whack-a-Rat’ month, and the great omnipotent King Zylopfa has rallied his troops with this stirring war cry:

Greetings Sharandarat,
your subtle insult against King Zylopfa The Omnipotent
has not gone unnoticed. The iron fist of Zylos Hand will strike down
upon thee and break thee like a rotten tree struck by lightning.

Any Ratty uprising will be delt with swiftly and descicively. We shall see
in the comming days if your mouth spills over with that which your guts hold,
or if you indeed have intentions of fulfilling your redicoulous suggestion of
ratty disobedience.

To break your battle moral, the Zylophian Troubadurs and Bards have
versed their discust towards your being and your faction of furry plague carrying rodents.

Final Breath! Final Breath!
Prepare to meet the final death.
The swif blades of the Zylophians
Will spill your guts in northrend lands.

The next verse is for you Sharanda
for your courage this i’ll hand ya
Your insolence is foolishly unheard of
only a paladin with bubble/hs could dream of.

We shall fart right before you bubble
paladin with fresh air trouble?
You will be begging for mercy soon or late
like bolvar fordragon at the wrathgate.

Be warned insolent rats!
This uprising will be met with ironclad
slayers of the hand, with cow and cowdad
standing side by side defending the land
We are the Ratslayers of Zylos Hand!

Hail And K!LL, and let the battle commence!
King Zylopfa The Omnipresent.

All sounds pretty ace to me. Whining and crying about lame ganking, or a cool attempt to revitalise a dead practice? You decide. Hail and kill. (This is not technically hardcore drama I know, but it’s been dramatised in a lighthearted fashion by the members of the realm that aren’t all whining muppets.)

Moving on, the forums are aflame with complaints of a slightly different nature. Since Patch 3.2, twinks have been up in arms about the split battlegrounds; one for those wanting experience, and those for twinks wanting their free kills. This thread attempted to be a well-thought out argument about why the system is terrible, but came across as some guy whining about how he can’t beat the crap out of lowbies anymore. QQ. The OP was deleted, but some guy quoted it in full at post 10. There are many such threads and they only seem to become even more numerous, but now with the XP change to Battlegrounds, it now seems to be more of a case of ‘what other stupid obsolete crap could we possibly whine about?’. Well, for you lucky readers aspiring to be on the level of the most proficient whiners, here are some suggestions.

1) Not being able to hit higher level players. Yes indeed. How is it fair that even now twinks are gone, I can’t go into a Battleground at minimum level and pwn face with my levelling gear?? Hit needs to be removed from BGs so low levels still stand a chance of killing higher level players. It’s not like level should be an advantage in this game at all, gear and skill should be the only thing that matters!!

2) PvP servers are ruined because you can’t camp anymore! The OP, probably realising what a massive prat he was deleted his post, but I have it right here.

Not only has the destruction of twinks like myself in the BGs resulted from Blizzard’s desicion to activate experience in BGs, it’s also had ruinous effects on PVP servers – now you’re unable to corpsecamp lowbies, as they can just queue for a battleground, rez and immediately press the accept button in order to get their experience through the battlegrounds. This is completely outrageous and destroys the spirit of PVP even more than it already has been with cross-faction characters being enabled. Something must be done about this – perhaps a debuff preventing battleground access for 15 minutes after your death to another player.

Yes indeed, World PvP is dead. No longer being able to grief that level 35 hunter that killed you in STV with your level 80 is a crying shame, and I for one declare this game dead. This could indeed be a very clever troll, but then why delete the OP? Besides, it’s not like you can’t just wait for them to repop exactly where they queued from and kill them again. Hilarious nonetheless.

3) Classes aren’t balanced at lower levels! Well shit, who’da thunk it. As such, all classes should henceforth have identical skills, talents, gear and stats in Battlegrounds along with having their latency universally regulated and only be engageable by equal numbers. PvP should also take place on a rectangular map which is exactly symmetrical, and even then PC framerates might make it imbalanced.

4) Not enough experience from PvP! Yes, it’s indeed unfair that in a game primarily built around PvE, you can’t level as fast in Battlegrounds. You should get free experience for running around the middle of WSG like 90% of the other facerolling tards and just XPLODE-ing your way to 80. I wholeheartedly agree that from now on, PvP in repetitive battlegrounds should be the fastest way to level, and while you’re at it allow Recruit-a-Friend PvP mode which gives you a constant damage buff for HKing your way to victory please. And also…

5) You don’t get enough gold from levelling. If you do choose to level through your beloved, highly challenging battlegrounds, you don’t even get any money for it. Not only that, but the gear upgrades stop at 60! Now, what is the point in experience in BGs if I can’t even get anything from it and I will be underpowered and can’t even afford repairs through my glorious conquest???

Yep, WoW sucks. Not in ways you might think though, we’ve all got the boredom factor, or the free epics, or it getting easier and yadda-yadda sadface. If you wanted to be a bit more original in your Blizzard hate though, the PvP forums are churning out some pure gold in terms of solid, imaginative problems and solutions to make this shitty game back into the powerhouse it once was.


The legacy of Michael Jackson

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What we didn’t realise when Michael Jackson was alive was that he was actually a cause of much grief on World of Warcraft. Since his death, the WoW forums have formed a united front to pay tribute to the pop legend. After seeing what can only be described as an assault of R.I.P MJ’s all over the realm forums, I feel that I’ve actually learned a lot about the community of a number of different servers.
michael jackson
For example, if you like making disgusting jokes about heart attacks, paedophilia or plastic surgery where recently deceased people are concerned, Aggramar is definitely not the place to go. One dude received a major pwning from his fellow server friends for posting a link to an insensitive cartoon spoofing CSI Horatio Caine saying the cheesy line: “Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest. Seems he couldn’t BEAT IT.” There is further uproar following a link to a picture of Michael Jackson looking through a child’s window. This is the server to go to if you want to be amongst fellow grievers during this difficult time.

However, if you consider yourself a bit more light-hearted and don’t want to pansy around with flowery tributes to an alleged paedo you never met or cared about, you might want to stop by at the Auchindon realm forums, where they show you how to really spit on the grave of a recently perished pop star. He is branded a “statistic”, “naive” and accused of “living in a bubble”. People went on to decide for him that death “was the best thing for him”. Enter a few “what loot dropped?” jokes (including “Did he drop his nose?”) and people laughing at the guy who put a naked undead corpse in Orgrimmar called “MikeJackson”.

And if you really can’t decide whether you’re happy or sad that Michael Jackson has left our lives forever, you can go to Bloodfeather, where there is a comfortable balance of lovers and haters, including the ever so politicool Aniella who says:

“Hundreds of people die everyday. – It’s ok, natural stuff.

Thousands and thousands of people suffer from hunger and die because of it. – It’s ok, few people are doing something about it.

Billions of dollars, euros and all that is spent on warfare and to boost rich peoples lifes’, when all that money could save world from hunger 3 times over. – It’s ok, we need to fight against bad religions and diktatorz ‘n stuff.

Hundreds of people get sexually abused in worst possible ways, everyday. – it’s ok, money is more important for justice-systems, cba with that lol

Earth is pretty much past the point of return, and we’re all going to die because of global warming, and very little is done about it. – It’s ok, if few people recycle their sandals. Too busy being rich and stuff.

Rainforests are destroyed with increasing speed, destroying the planet’s ability to create breathable air. – It’s ok, we need more construction materials.

Michael Jackson dies. – AMAGASH CALL THE PRESIDENT!”

Political rants in WoW forums = totally appropriate and absolutely awesome, amirite? Mm?

– Katie

Sooooo… we’re back

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After a drunken week and a half of weddings, barbecues and shenanigans with family, friends and guild members alike, we have officially called an end to our holiday. Having seen AC/DC play live at Wembley, managed to convince our Scottish guild leader to strip to his boxers and run around the garden like a fairy, and curiously eyed up a number of suspicious men on the London tube for having hand luggage, we are officially exhausted and finally home. And praise the lord, because if I even so much as pass the grey tangled mess of buildings and pollution that is London ever again, it will be too fucking soon. Shithole!

So we extend our apologies for taking a break from the blog in order to make our escape to the south of England for a while. We were actually beginning to tally quite a pleasing number of hits every day before taking this break, so hopefully we’ll be able to win back a few potential readers by promising that, under no circumstances, will we go AWOL again for at least a couple of months.

And a final tidbit of information in a post which is completely irrelevant to the main tone of the blog (e.g. WoW drama, if you didn’t already know), as of this week, we are now officially engaged. I know that most readers won’t really care (Who da fuk r u anyway???) but many of our online friends are more likely to catch us here on the blog than in-game, so it seemed the best place to announce our big news.

Man-oh-man, Daine is gonna kill me for getting in first to announce that (he sure does love the attention, I think it might be the only reason he even proposed heh heh).

/end returning ramble about irrelevent stuff

/bring on the real posts again

– Katie

PvP – Post vs Post

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What’s PvP without a bit of smacktalk? Since the days of CS and Quake 3, the need to verbally lay the smackdown on whatever opponent you just pwned has been everpresent. So today I figured it was high time that we took a trip to the super-cool PvP and Battlegroup forums, which we know are all about whining at others or rubbing one out over your teammates.

Over on the Misery forum, Jshama has thrown down and started flaming Favre over how shit he is and how he wintraded his way up to rank 1 at some point in history. I won’t lie, I’m clueless when it comes to PvP, I really am. However, whilst fairly old, the thread is highly amusing. You’ll have to excuse me for dragging this up, but I felt trolling the General and R&D forums alone wasn’t enough, and there’s surprisingly little realm forum dramaz in the EU right now. I’m really not sure what the hell is going on aside from wintrading whinez, illiterate OMFG UR TEAM SUK WE FARM YOU S4 and UR SHIT @ SHAMAN I BEET U AN I NOOB IN SAVAGE GEER??? Frankly I thought I’d mistakenly walked onto the Guild Wars forums as  various Al’Akir guilds storm in to defend their righteous champions. I’m really not sure what to comment on further, as this thread has no story to it, sorry. If you like a spastic gangbang of egos, illiteracy and capslock though, you’ll enjoy it.

I know, I know, I said this blog was above NERF RET!!!1. I’m not though in this case. Neimia of Frostwhisper(I can’t do funny e’s on the laptop) has dragged up two classic videos highlighting the massive skillz required to play Ret at higher ratings. The first one that he posted is quite obviously sarcastic, but the second is pure gold. I’ll focus on the second.

So, for anyone with any idea of arenas, you know you need keybinds to get by. Hell, I think it’s necessary to do well at PvE even. Keyboard turning is also a big no-no. Well. Not for this guy it seems. Despite all the ridicule, it’s fairly evident that the rogue he partners with is awesome and carries him, but even so the video goes a long way towards showcasing the mad skillz required to reach the higher echelons of PvP glory. Skillz scuh as nosediving off the bridge in BEM when you had a chance to end the warlock stood on the pillar, and burning your CC as soon as the game starts, as let’s face it, who needs CC in arena anyway. After the roaring success of his first video, Gigathor dazzles his enamored audience with a second helping of his pure pwnage.

‘Keyboard turning fat prick. Go jump off a bridge’. gotta love the YouTube comments. Seriously, I’m speechless as to how you can get to 2k without using and of the healing or support potential of your class, but Gigathor has proved how it’s done. Mad props yo, I know I’m going Ret from now on!!!