Comments FAQ

We welcome comments of all kinds to any of our posts. Of course, we love to hear if you have particularly enjoyed a post.

If you’re here with a bright red face and a mouth full of hatred to spew all over us, well… we will always accept your comments no matter how derrogatory or insulting towards us they may be. We don’t ask your permission before posting incriminating stuff, so you can feel free to post anything you can think of. We like to think that, even though we riddle our own writing with bias, sarcasm, propoganda and hatred, we are fairly reasonable people and will always offer you to right to defend your corner, make your point, etc.

The only comments that we won’t accept are completely unrelated spam. Links to your blog need to be in some way related (drama, humour or World of Warcraft), and even then, it’d be nice if you could do a little more than just chuck your web address in there without even saying “Hi!” We have already rejected a few posts on the grounds that we don’t feel “Swine Flu Medicine” and “erectile dysfunction” are in any way in keeping with the tone of our blog. (Well, maybe the penis problem, Daine is here after all… But enough about that!)

We love flame wars, so feel free to go ahead and rip the shit out of us, the things we are writing about, or the people who have already commented. Trolls welcome here. Maybe we can even get a good article out of it.

Ohh, and we are grammar police. So be warned. We can let the genuine mistakes pass, but any of this fancy, new-age text/1337 speak will, like, totally piss us off.


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