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New expansion “leaks” lead to Cataclysmic drama levels

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When I woke up this morning, I was sure that something strange and unsettling had happened in the universe. Why? Because I actually had a dream about this blog, and quite an unusual dream. My mum, who as it happens has never seen this blog and probably never will (or at least I can hope), was berating me for some of my more biased blog posts and the way that I can, you could say, be quite a bitch to internet attention seekers. Then she took me into the garden, and showed me a slug making its way up the wall of my house, its disgusting trail following it and she said, “You see, the beauty of the slug climbing up the wall… Why do you need to take sides?” After this slightly unusual but maybe philosophical dream, I woke up thinking about the blog and wondering whether I’d been given a message about my previous actions… Should I try to be more objective? Should I think about beautiful (cough) slugs crawling up the wall next time, and try not to be so biased? What was the meaning to all of this, if there was a meaning at all?

So, I woke up. Sat up in my bed. Turned to Daine, who was also saying hello to the day, and told him of my dream. “Yeah, quite weird…” he said. But, after a quick zoom to town to go to the bank before it closed, I flicked on the computer and…

BOOM! mmo-champion put my dream, and it’s apparent message, straight to the back of my mind with what was surely going to have the most cataclysmic effect on the WoW community since… well, the last patch. Truth be told, I’m actually quite pleased with the new expansion, if the “leak” is accurate. Of course, I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only person who feels a tiny bit queazy about Tauren Paladins and Undead Hunters, but the rest of it looks really promising. In fact, I personally wish they’d gone a bit more “happy with the re-hashing button” and not brought in any of the new zones and continents. But enough about me.

What is most great about new expansion pack “leaks” is that, because there’s been no official announcement, you can be sure there will be PLENTY of conflict, and plenty of whining. All across the forums, people are moaning like cows giving birth about all of the new content. And, if they make a completely valid point, at least we can bitch about the fact that the person is moaning about what can only be officially labelled “speculation”.

Now, I’ve been following the general forums for the entire morning, and of course a few other places as well. I’ve seen every opinion that possibly exists on the internet about the new expansion, “Cataclysm”. One thing to note is that much of the hottest drama is gone, dead, buried, and slowly disintegrated into nothing more than a moderator’s secret archives. Yes friends, conspiracy. The forum mods are deleting posts containing this speculation. So, my apologies for not having made hard copies.

So, who’s whining about what?


Tauren paladins? Undead hunters? Even draenei shamans are coming under attack for breaking lore! No news is too old today, and all of those cool kids that play on PVP servers and actually don’t give a tiny shit about the lore, and don’t consider WoW a roleplaying game, suddenly have an issue with the fact that the lore is beginning to get lost underneath piles of epic gems, resilience caps and free Emblems. With the overuse of add-ons like Qhelper, I fail to believe that 75% of players in this game even bother to read the quests anymore, but suddenly everybody gives a crap what is right and wrong in the World of Warcraft. I’m inclined to agree with Fireandfrost (yes, you guessed it from his name alone, he’s a night-elf druid!), who said: “No one cares about lore in WOW.If u want lore go play Warcraft 3.” Let’s face it. The majority of WoW players don’t have a clue about it’s story or it’s background beyond the trailers, and the bit of RP lecturing they might get if they accidentally stumble onto an RP server with a name like “Vancleefalien” or “Arthasbro”.


Don’t like something you’ve read? Want to make a forum post about it? Don’t bother. You will only be told by about 500 smart alecs that you’re QQing about something that hasn’t been verified by Blizzard. Viriato asked what we were all wondering, saying: “But one thing… is that information reliable?? Seriously, is there any chance the things said there are true??” He, like everybody else, has no idea – so shut up about it, right? As Shalinda says, “Nothing is confirmed. If I were you I’d stop discussing this until next weekend, when Blizzcon starts. ” After all, there is a law that states you can never discuss the future. After all, the future is based on many variables which could shift and change… Unless you are 100% positive that something will happen, which is physically impossible for any of us to do (though I’m guessing an atheist may disagree), it’s ILLEGAL to discuss it, to wonder about it, and to imagine it. That’s why me and Daine aren’t going to bother looking at houses for us to move into in September as planned. Too many things might change, it’s not worth discussing until the day we move in. Right?

Old news

Indeed. A lot of people have woken up this morning with nothing more to do than to whine about whining itself. Not only are we going to whine about the current CRISIS of the impending expansion, but we are going to drag up old whines in order to make a point about this current whine. Take Yara, for example, who says: “First patch 3.2 would ruin wow now the new expansion… soon a maintenance will ruin wow aswell 😛“. A valid point by Yara, if not a small indulgence in a tasty bit of hypocrisy here, and further down on the same page, Drivebye adds: “it cant be worse can wotlk now can it?” What is it about new content that re-ignites our hatred for the other things Blizzard forced on their unwilling customers?


I couldn’t help but feel for Blackspot, who was unhappy with the injustice of this new expansion: “Wtf why’s cairne getting killed he’s done nothing wrong“. Although Blackspot is sorely naive if he genuinely thinks that “only bad people die”, I guess it’s something we should think about. Writers of a soap opera often survey their market audience before doing anything drastic on a television show, because its the maker’s jobs to give us what we want. And for a change, we don’t want this game to represent a war torn world where people die in brutal waves of shadow magic and immolation, and leave their children orphaned, or end up as broken versions of themselves, floating in the nether… It is time for us to see the things that bring a tear of joy to our eyes, instead of a tear of sorrow. Instead of killing off Cairne, I say they should give us something better. Maybe Jaina Proudmoore could have a half-human half-orc baby with Thrall. The bundle of joy could be celebrated across the world, there could even be a quest line to “Visit the new mother and baby” and donate a set amount of gold for rep with the new “Jaina-Thrall trust fund” faction. Yeah, I should totally write this stuff. Hit me up, Blizz, I’d love to be a creative writer for your squad.


As highlighted by Incuro, “OMFG. no new content, no new classes. instead blizz r just being lazy and reuse old content and makes it possible for all races to be like all classes?? i mean wtf who wants that.“, by going through all of their previous hard work and updating it, changing it, adding phases and instances, completely altering previous content to bring it up-to-date, Blizzard are being LAZY. No, they’re not giving us what we want. Ignore the billions of suggestion threads that have emerged since TBC, asking for Azeroth to be updated, to change every now and then, to make some form of progression… Blizzard are simply being lazy. And of course, these alleged zones that were once unclickable blobs on our world maps aren’t new content at all. Right…


A lot to get our heads around. But the real victims of all of this are Blizzard, I think. Imagine if you were a Blizz developer right now… You’ve gone to all of this trouble to try and fit every player’s desire into the new expansion and it’s less than a week away from being announced at Blizzcon for all to see, and you’re really excited about everybody’s reaction… And then the info gets leaked, the fanbase go crazy with rage, and you have to timidly take to the stage to announce that it was in fact true… I guess we just have to hope it’s inaccurate like these rumours were pre-WotLK and they got their facts wrong for Blizzard’s sake.

I would probably have so much more to write, but I always know I’ve written enough when Daine announces, “You must be writing a long post…”

– Katie


WoW Radio versus Blizzcon

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For once I’m going to go against the sarcastic tone of this blog and make a short post to just say how bad I feel for the guys over at WC Radio. As pompous as TotalBiscuit can be, WC Radio has been around forever and a day and has had a lot of interaction with Blizzard and the WoW team over the years, along with covering each Blizzcon along the way. After a donation drive to get money for new equipment specifically for going to Blizzcon, Blizzard has been in touch to say that DirectTV have exclusive rights, and no other fansite or broadcaster will be allowed to do so. Weepy as the frontpage post may be, I sympathise with the guys over there and felt compelled to make an obligatory post saying so. However, my eloquence is nothing compared to Gnomage of Draenor, who sums this whole issue up better than I ever could.

%%#@ Activision.
%%#@ them.

I hate the way Blizzard are getting #%!**d like a slave.
Your reputation as one of the best gaming companies in the world, has gone down the drain.


Giving PvP a Hand!

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World PvP is a pretty rare occurence these days, with most people either ignoring it completely or just having the oddnowhining city raid because achievements are cool. Not so for these guys. Zylos Hand, of Frostwhisper, Ravenholdt, Al’Akir and now Burning Blade, have one mission and one mission only: to gank. A highly cowardly practice, I’m sure we all agree. Bolvar with stupid accents certainly does, proclaiming them ‘some kind of noob guild seriously’, and that they should ‘go raid or something’. Crying about their ganking antics aside, some of the realm seem to really enjoy the new take on things. The Hand have objectives like ganking at stones to cut supply lines, which is pretty cool imo. Due to them being a big pain in the backside, this wonderful month hath been proclaimed ‘Whack-a-Rat’ month, and the great omnipotent King Zylopfa has rallied his troops with this stirring war cry:

Greetings Sharandarat,
your subtle insult against King Zylopfa The Omnipotent
has not gone unnoticed. The iron fist of Zylos Hand will strike down
upon thee and break thee like a rotten tree struck by lightning.

Any Ratty uprising will be delt with swiftly and descicively. We shall see
in the comming days if your mouth spills over with that which your guts hold,
or if you indeed have intentions of fulfilling your redicoulous suggestion of
ratty disobedience.

To break your battle moral, the Zylophian Troubadurs and Bards have
versed their discust towards your being and your faction of furry plague carrying rodents.

Final Breath! Final Breath!
Prepare to meet the final death.
The swif blades of the Zylophians
Will spill your guts in northrend lands.

The next verse is for you Sharanda
for your courage this i’ll hand ya
Your insolence is foolishly unheard of
only a paladin with bubble/hs could dream of.

We shall fart right before you bubble
paladin with fresh air trouble?
You will be begging for mercy soon or late
like bolvar fordragon at the wrathgate.

Be warned insolent rats!
This uprising will be met with ironclad
slayers of the hand, with cow and cowdad
standing side by side defending the land
We are the Ratslayers of Zylos Hand!

Hail And K!LL, and let the battle commence!
King Zylopfa The Omnipresent.

All sounds pretty ace to me. Whining and crying about lame ganking, or a cool attempt to revitalise a dead practice? You decide. Hail and kill. (This is not technically hardcore drama I know, but it’s been dramatised in a lighthearted fashion by the members of the realm that aren’t all whining muppets.)

Moving on, the forums are aflame with complaints of a slightly different nature. Since Patch 3.2, twinks have been up in arms about the split battlegrounds; one for those wanting experience, and those for twinks wanting their free kills. This thread attempted to be a well-thought out argument about why the system is terrible, but came across as some guy whining about how he can’t beat the crap out of lowbies anymore. QQ. The OP was deleted, but some guy quoted it in full at post 10. There are many such threads and they only seem to become even more numerous, but now with the XP change to Battlegrounds, it now seems to be more of a case of ‘what other stupid obsolete crap could we possibly whine about?’. Well, for you lucky readers aspiring to be on the level of the most proficient whiners, here are some suggestions.

1) Not being able to hit higher level players. Yes indeed. How is it fair that even now twinks are gone, I can’t go into a Battleground at minimum level and pwn face with my levelling gear?? Hit needs to be removed from BGs so low levels still stand a chance of killing higher level players. It’s not like level should be an advantage in this game at all, gear and skill should be the only thing that matters!!

2) PvP servers are ruined because you can’t camp anymore! The OP, probably realising what a massive prat he was deleted his post, but I have it right here.

Not only has the destruction of twinks like myself in the BGs resulted from Blizzard’s desicion to activate experience in BGs, it’s also had ruinous effects on PVP servers – now you’re unable to corpsecamp lowbies, as they can just queue for a battleground, rez and immediately press the accept button in order to get their experience through the battlegrounds. This is completely outrageous and destroys the spirit of PVP even more than it already has been with cross-faction characters being enabled. Something must be done about this – perhaps a debuff preventing battleground access for 15 minutes after your death to another player.

Yes indeed, World PvP is dead. No longer being able to grief that level 35 hunter that killed you in STV with your level 80 is a crying shame, and I for one declare this game dead. This could indeed be a very clever troll, but then why delete the OP? Besides, it’s not like you can’t just wait for them to repop exactly where they queued from and kill them again. Hilarious nonetheless.

3) Classes aren’t balanced at lower levels! Well shit, who’da thunk it. As such, all classes should henceforth have identical skills, talents, gear and stats in Battlegrounds along with having their latency universally regulated and only be engageable by equal numbers. PvP should also take place on a rectangular map which is exactly symmetrical, and even then PC framerates might make it imbalanced.

4) Not enough experience from PvP! Yes, it’s indeed unfair that in a game primarily built around PvE, you can’t level as fast in Battlegrounds. You should get free experience for running around the middle of WSG like 90% of the other facerolling tards and just XPLODE-ing your way to 80. I wholeheartedly agree that from now on, PvP in repetitive battlegrounds should be the fastest way to level, and while you’re at it allow Recruit-a-Friend PvP mode which gives you a constant damage buff for HKing your way to victory please. And also…

5) You don’t get enough gold from levelling. If you do choose to level through your beloved, highly challenging battlegrounds, you don’t even get any money for it. Not only that, but the gear upgrades stop at 60! Now, what is the point in experience in BGs if I can’t even get anything from it and I will be underpowered and can’t even afford repairs through my glorious conquest???

Yep, WoW sucks. Not in ways you might think though, we’ve all got the boredom factor, or the free epics, or it getting easier and yadda-yadda sadface. If you wanted to be a bit more original in your Blizzard hate though, the PvP forums are churning out some pure gold in terms of solid, imaginative problems and solutions to make this shitty game back into the powerhouse it once was.


Patch day, ohnoes!

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For all the patch day drama I expected to see, whining about twinks a couple of hours after the US servers came up 42be2_wi-gnome-warlock-twinkwasn’t one of them. In fact, I’d go so far to say that I thought twinking was a distant relic of the past reserved for the most retarded PvPers who had to go back in time and spend loads of gold and time on a level 29 just to get a sense of self-gratification and skill that they couldn’t achieve at the level cap. Apparently, I was wrong.

Crucifer made this post over at MMO Champion complaining that the experience addition to PvP has indeed ruined the PvP scene forever. Now, what you have to bear in mind is that this guy is a hardened pro when it comes to beating the crap out of undergeared alts who are just PvPing to break up the monotony that is levelling alone without the hallowed RAF bonus, to the extent that he even hosts a live stream of him doing so that apparently has attracted a host of fans the world over. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, that he feels the need to broadcast his shallow and unrewarding gameplay to the masses, or that the masses actually tune in to watch this shite. Flame on. The general consensus tends to match up with my own, with the particular sentiment ‘Twinks are dead and nothing of value was lost’ striking a chord here at home. Now, in case you didn’t know, the experience change means (as far as I’ve been able to gather anyway) that instead of  having your generic 20-29 bracket for example, 27s get lumped in together, 29s do and so on. The irony is that the twinks were practically frothing at the mouth hoping that this change would reel is unsuspecting prey, whereas in actuality it’s just pitted twinks against twinks. Particularly hilarious when you realise that all their efforts now mean that they actually have no advantage at all over other players, as there are very few lower geared players at 29 to pick on. Also, even if this wasn’t the case, I’m not sure who’s idea of breaking up some levelling monotony with a bit of fun would be bunnyhopping at the graveyard waiting for a res every few seconds. Not mine. As an aside I was expecting mass qq about how crap Isle of Conquest is, but not yet. Not yet.

Another inevitable point of whining was always going to be the badge change, where people for the ‘easy’ epics are fighting tooth and nail against the masses of oppressors who don’t want to see those new scrubs in the same gear as them that they worked so hard for. Yes, you heard it here first, Ulduar is hard. Those few set pieces that you have that you were whining about due to itemisation/set bonuses/looks a couple of months ago are now available to everyone, after you toiled endlessly to get your hands on them. The game is indeed fucked. Generic moaning thread here, but at least it has some level of coherent discussion on the matter. As an aside to this PvE note, still no whining about the new content, but it’s just a matter of time. In fact, I was shocked to actually see positive comments about how fun it was. Those world firsts are serious business though, so clamouring over the first Northern Beasts kill may be bloody, with server-uptime being a key factor.

Fear not though, there is one more thing to scrutinise. The cinematic. Yet another thread here. This machinima shit isn’t good enough for us anymore, we want the good old CGI back. You managed it for WC3, why not each individual patch wtf??? THIS IS UTTER CRAP COMPARED TO EVERY OTHER WOW CINEMATIC EVER WTF!? Well personally I thought it was pretty good. Obviously not on the level of the Ulduar or Wrath ones, or even the Sunwell one but what the hell, it wasn’t exactly bad. In fact, given the lore they’re working with here, which is generally the major drawing point of these movies, I’d say they did well to make it interesting, even if it is just footage of gameplay that anyone with movie editing skills could make. However, and this is the big one, how many times in previous Blizzard cinematics have their been gnomes on Amani War Bears parachuting from airships, eh? EH? Never, so in my books this one is fooking awesome.

One thing I’m noticing more and more as we progress through WoW is how the level of whining is multiplied to the power of whatever patch number we’re on. At least through rose-tinted goggles, vanilla was awesome and TBC on release was pretty amazing as far as expansion go. Yeah, remodelled MC bosses and an impossible entry raid in Gruul’s Lair were my idea of ‘the shit’ too. That about rounds up what I’ve managed to find this far anyway, expect more over the next few days.


Dramahs of the week

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So, since we’ve been away for a while, I thought I’d post a few little stories just to catch up with the gossip of the WoW community.

Forum drama: the faction changing patch

Of course, for all of us who were forced to level a new character when our friends re-rolled horde just as we hit level 60, this new patch came as a complete slap across the face. I mean, Blizzard have yet again listened to the requests of its players and have made a useful and productive move towards making the game even more enjoyable? Well, that’s just completely uncalled for. This patch is clearly targeting casuals, once again, as the main target market for this messed up game.

Well, that’s what some people seem to think. Obviously there are plenty of people out there, particularly on mmo-champion, who don’t like it when developers consider what is in the interests of their customers to give them something new.

Predictions have been thrown around, how likely do you think they are to be true? Will the masses re-roll horde, leaving alliance bare and empty? Will people really pay the fee, purely to flame gankers of the opposite faction? Will guilds like Ensidia re-roll alliance on the same night as a first kill so they can get two world firsts in one go?

What do you think?

Aerie Peak tension
Muramasa, the belf rogue, managed to sum up the alliance of Aerie Peak in a nutshell. As he sees it, all alliance are cowards and here’s why.

After forming a raid on Orgrimmar, most likely for the achievements, the alliance were obliterated by their opponents so decided to wait until after midnight to return (when nobody would be around to fight them). Muramasa was infuriated with this pathetic act of cowardice, ranting: “How hollow the victory must feel, and yet how said it is that you probably do not care. Where’s the sense of achievement? Where’s the challenge?” He goes on to say, “Any sign of a fair and evenly balanced fight and you don’t show up, run away, or fail altogether.” (I guess the fact that Orgimmar is filled with relentlessly spawning NPCs, elite mobs and a huge raid boss does mean that the fight would indeed be balanced during peak server time when the city is buzzing with level 80 PvPers.)

Of course, the alliance didn’t take this reputation bashing lying down, and poor Muramasa was “told”. Unwilling to take the news like a man, he reacted by saying: “It is quite clear i will always be in the minority. I will not be posting again any time soon; I need some time to reflect. To those who can’t stand me, this is your lucky day – congratulations.” (This tops the emo scale, almost deserving of a Quote of the Day award…)

The thread was then spoofed over here.

Who ever said that WoW had lost the whole “faction war” feeling?

Deathpenalty’s tribute to Michael Jackson
Deathpenalty of Hellfire paid tribute to his “hero” Michael Jackson in a heart-warming thread about the recently deceased “king of pop”. Seeing the Hellfire realm forums as the appropriate place to express his grief, he educated the masses on the server on the legend that was “MJ”. He said, rather touchingly, “He was the most profound, beautiful, amazing and inovative personalities ever to grace our lives. We should be grateful if nothing else, to have witnessed and experienced such a person…”
However, some citizens of Hellfire weren’t content with this summary of Michael Jackson’s “personalities”, and hopped in to make some “tributes” of their own. Shallyah expressed her opinion that “Yesterday died a carcass”, Lozzypops played with WoW lingo saying: “MJ got critted with the DK’s Heart Strike. The priest was AFK. MJ dies.” Anaalius called Michael Jackson his “favorite paedophile”, and Saeephirothh expressed his opinion that he much prefers Gary Glitter.

And Orcchick delivered some hard and uncomfortable truths about life, saying, “Cannot care any less for any deaths of persons I do not know IRL or arent known to ppl i know IRL. There has already been about deaths already. In the next 80 years about humans will die. Its a fact, we all die.” Profound forum truths, however I do suddenly have a Michael Jackson song stuck in my head.

– Katie

Uh oh… Religion and WoW in the same sentence…

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A shunned player earlier posted his dismay at being kicked from his guild for taking an AFK during an Ulduar raid. Brap, who said he was posting on an alt for “obvious reasons”, admitted he was a Muslim and that he needed to take short AFKs during raids to pray. He said he did this every day for a year as a member of the guild, and was shocked to suddenly be kicked for it.

He claims that this is discrimination, as he was essentially removed from his guild for being “forced to take a relatively short AFK break” here and there, which he thought was understood and acceptable. He wonders whether this is against Blizzard policies, and if he has grounds to report the guild for their “intolerance”.

Of course, there are some people who are “for” the kick and some that aren’t. The two opposing sides seem to be:

1. A GM can kick you for whatever reason he wants, and frequent AFKs during raids are perfectly acceptable grounds for kicking somebody. Perhaps you should look for a guild that doesn’t coincide with your raiding.

2. Any guild which doesn’t respect your religion isn’t worthy of your time and effort. This blatant discrimination shows that they didn’t deserve you as a member.

Islam is srs, so I’m almost afraid to post this.

But seriously, it is good to see that the OP is actually the most literate, calm and patient person in the thread, and it really puts shame to stereotypes. Where some flamebois say things like: “Everyone should wait for you till you’re done talking to yourself?”, “WHERES YOUR GOD NOW HUH???”, “Aren’t you a bit too old to have imaginary friends anyway?” and “pray for a better guild”, the OP is rational and only replies to serious respondents and doesn’t play up to the trolls.

There are plenty of, “ill blow up your family to prove my point”, “BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” and “so now u trying to invade the servers too huh???” It’s a funny read if you like political incorrectness. It’s a disturbing read if you have actual sympathy for the OP.

One fool compares raiding to open heart surgery for the importance of prolonged concentration. Yeah, ’cause that’s the same. Fuck, I’m a coward, this is literally the only guy I dare poke fun at.

But what do you think – is this discrimination? Or should we consider the need to pray as worthless an excuse as the need to randomly download some porn and play with ourselves half way through a raid?

– Katie

How much drama can a drink cause?

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The fact of the matter is that nobody actually gives a damn about men playing females and women playing males anymore. At the drop of a hat, a player which does cross the gender line when making characters can formulate thousands of reasons for their choices – “the emotes are better”, “the casting looks cooler”, etc. But the argument has spread across to youtube, where drama is always going to flare up like a bad case of acne, because of the new “Mtn Dew Game Fuel”, a World of Warcraft energy drink with a corny new advert.

If you can’t be bothered to watch that 30 second video, and it really is half a minute of your life that you’ll never get back, it’s basically two women in a supermarket who are both buying the drink. One buys the red horde drink, and looks over her shoulder to see another woman buying the blue alliance drink – and the two transform into a night-elf and orc respectively and start an epic battle in the middle of the supermarket. However, what has been noticed by the ever-perceptive youtube community, is that the lady who transforms into an orc does not transform into a female orc. She becomes a male. You can see the flame war that begins, as people begin to debate whether its wrong or right for somebody to make a male character if they are female, or a female character if they are male. *shakes head*

(Of course, some people such as NiggerThug will post in their little opinions, such as “this game is gay you faggots dont deserve to live in the real world” – oh nigga plz.)

This ad has also been covered on WoWInsider who said: “It’s terrible. Nobody who actually plays WoW will find this commercial anything but corny. It’s definitely not aimed at us.” He also raises an eyebrow at the idea that a woman would ever want to play a male character (sexism, I think so!) and seals off his post with, “Augh. I’m not sure I want to let my girlfriend drink this anymore” – in case she too turns into a male orc.

And the comments there are no better either, plenty of feminist action and a whole load of death threats for the people who decided to market the product with a name so disgraceful as “Mtn Dew”.

And then, of course, back on youtube: the faction war begins. The drink comes in two different flavours, as previously mentioned, so this is of course an opportunity for a slanging match between youtubers who are more affectionate to either one side or the other. One person called into question the accuracy of the advert, saying that technically the alliance should have attacked first, “Alliance always attack unprovoked, ALLIANCE SUCKS!” (I guess that is the most unrealistic part of the advert…)

Overall, a success on Blizzard’s part in their urge to constantly provide their consumers with even more fuel for their nerdraging fires. (I am getting SO pro at my language tricks.)

– Katie