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The Great Gnome Run (on Frostwhisper)

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Earlier this week, I wrote an “investigation” post about the reaction of the WoW community at large to an event advertised by Dabrin of Frostwhisper, and you may recall that I finished the post with: “However, after seeing the effort heโ€™s going through to make this successful, I think I might go along.”

Well, I did! And it was quite fun. I thought I would just share some screenshots of the event, and maybe later I will post up the video. I know that a lot of people think these events are nothing new, nothing original and generally quite dull and a waste of time, but I actually quite enjoyed myself. For a start, I’ve never bothered with these events because I’ve always thought “Lag central, what’s the point?” but I decided my internet and my computer can handle it, and I’d like to show my support as I know these events can flop so easily.

But this event didn’t flop. When I logged on, I was met with the sight of quite a lot of gnomes, all duelling and spamming every possible channel with jibberish. So much spam in fact that it was quite hard to get an invite to the Great Gnome Run guild.

What a sight to see when I first logged in

And it only continued to get busier. Eventually, gnomes were scattered around the entire gnome starting zone like little ants.

A birdseye view of the gnomes

So, Dabrin (on his alt Crankwell), issued the official rules of the game.


And then, without anybody even saying “Let’s stand in a line”, one was formed anyway. I thought it looked quite cool.


Some of us were a bit scared about the event… Would we be one shot by level 8 bears near to Kharanos? Would we be expected to run into the Searing Gorge?


And we were off! As you can see, I was quite far at the back, but I didn’t mind. I just wanted to watch what happened. Rumours were flying that people had minor speed increase enchants or were partied with hunters with the aspect, etc.


And soon the Horde started arriving, hoping we’d stray into a land which toggled us all on for PvP. About five horde were following us eventually, just waiting for the moment they could AoE hundreds of tiny level 1s…


And then, we reached a point where everybody levelled up at exactly the same spot from exploration which was pretty cool to see. Unfortunately this picture doesn’t capture it as well as it could, but it gives an indication.

mass ding

And then, luckily for me, I managed to reach the tram at exactly the same time as it arrived, meaning I could catch up. But it did also mean I had to share a tiny carriage with over a hundred other gnomes (reminds me of the London tube)…


But the crowd looked substantially thinner as we neared the finishing line… Perhaps a lot of gnomes got stomped by level 15 gnolls or burnt alive by Defias Pillagers…


But it’s more likely that the majority of the gnomes had got lost and gone in the wrong direction when told to go to the Lighthouse…

wrong way!

But the winner was Plainsrunner, who was the first one to reach the finishing line and open a trade box with Kuja at the final destination.

finish line

It turns out that since he was from a different server, he wouldn’t be able to make much use of the prize he won for coming first. So, apparently the event organisers are in discussions with GMs about transferring the item over to the winner. I don’t think it’s very likely, but we’ll see.

But, as a finishing touch to the fun that occurred, we did encounter Wiimage, who you may remember I wrote about some time ago. His name was familiar, so we spoke to the guy and showed him what we posted. Turns out he’s abandoned his mission to raise awareness to the world of the New World Order, instead deciding to just live his life. However, he does still believe in the views I highlighted in my previous post, though pointing out where I got one of my facts wrong! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The conversation took a bizarre twist when he offered me his MSN address, but I guess it does show he’s quite a friendly and talkative guy.


I have a couple of other things I need to make posts about later, so this won’t be the last one of the day I think.

– Katie


New expansion “leaks” lead to Cataclysmic drama levels

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When I woke up this morning, I was sure that something strange and unsettling had happened in the universe. Why? Because I actually had a dream about this blog, and quite an unusual dream. My mum, who as it happens has never seen this blog and probably never will (or at least I can hope), was berating me for some of my more biased blog posts and the way that I can, you could say, be quite a bitch to internet attention seekers. Then she took me into the garden, and showed me a slug making its way up the wall of my house, its disgusting trail following it and she said, “You see, the beauty of the slug climbing up the wall… Why do you need to take sides?” After this slightly unusual but maybe philosophical dream, I woke up thinking about the blog and wondering whether I’d been given a message about my previous actions… Should I try to be more objective? Should I think about beautiful (cough) slugs crawling up the wall next time, and try not to be so biased? What was the meaning to all of this, if there was a meaning at all?

So, I woke up. Sat up in my bed. Turned to Daine, who was also saying hello to the day, and told him of my dream. “Yeah, quite weird…” he said. But, after a quick zoom to town to go to the bank before it closed, I flicked on the computer and…

BOOM! mmo-champion put my dream, and it’s apparent message, straight to the back of my mind with what was surely going to have the most cataclysmic effect on the WoW community since… well, the last patch. Truth be told, I’m actually quite pleased with the new expansion, if the “leak” is accurate. Of course, I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only person who feels a tiny bit queazy about Tauren Paladins and Undead Hunters, but the rest of it looks really promising. In fact, I personally wish they’d gone a bit more “happy with the re-hashing button” and not brought in any of the new zones and continents. But enough about me.

What is most great about new expansion pack “leaks” is that, because there’s been no official announcement, you can be sure there will be PLENTY of conflict, and plenty of whining. All across the forums, people are moaning like cows giving birth about all of the new content. And, if they make a completely valid point, at least we can bitch about the fact that the person is moaning about what can only be officially labelled “speculation”.

Now, I’ve been following the general forums for the entire morning, and of course a few other places as well. I’ve seen every opinion that possibly exists on the internet about the new expansion, “Cataclysm”. One thing to note is that much of the hottest drama is gone, dead, buried, and slowly disintegrated into nothing more than a moderator’s secret archives. Yes friends, conspiracy. The forum mods are deleting posts containing this speculation. So, my apologies for not having made hard copies.

So, who’s whining about what?


Tauren paladins? Undead hunters? Even draenei shamans are coming under attack for breaking lore! No news is too old today, and all of those cool kids that play on PVP servers and actually don’t give a tiny shit about the lore, and don’t consider WoW a roleplaying game, suddenly have an issue with the fact that the lore is beginning to get lost underneath piles of epic gems, resilience caps and free Emblems. With the overuse of add-ons like Qhelper, I fail to believe that 75% of players in this game even bother to read the quests anymore, but suddenly everybody gives a crap what is right and wrong in the World of Warcraft. I’m inclined to agree with Fireandfrost (yes, you guessed it from his name alone, he’s a night-elf druid!), who said: “No one cares about lore in WOW.If u want lore go play Warcraft 3.” Let’s face it. The majority of WoW players don’t have a clue about it’s story or it’s background beyond the trailers, and the bit of RP lecturing they might get if they accidentally stumble onto an RP server with a name like “Vancleefalien” or “Arthasbro”.


Don’t like something you’ve read? Want to make a forum post about it? Don’t bother. You will only be told by about 500 smart alecs that you’re QQing about something that hasn’t been verified by Blizzard. Viriato asked what we were all wondering, saying: “But one thing… is that information reliable?? Seriously, is there any chance the things said there are true??” He, like everybody else, has no idea – so shut up about it, right? As Shalinda says, “Nothing is confirmed. If I were you I’d stop discussing this until next weekend, when Blizzcon starts. ” After all, there is a law that states you can never discuss the future. After all, the future is based on many variables which could shift and change… Unless you are 100% positive that something will happen, which is physically impossible for any of us to do (though I’m guessing an atheist may disagree), it’s ILLEGAL to discuss it, to wonder about it, and to imagine it. That’s why me and Daine aren’t going to bother looking at houses for us to move into in September as planned. Too many things might change, it’s not worth discussing until the day we move in. Right?

Old news

Indeed. A lot of people have woken up this morning with nothing more to do than to whine about whining itself. Not only are we going to whine about the current CRISIS of the impending expansion, but we are going to drag up old whines in order to make a point about this current whine. Take Yara, for example, who says: “First patch 3.2 would ruin wow now the new expansion… soon a maintenance will ruin wow aswell ๐Ÿ˜›“. A valid point by Yara, if not a small indulgence in a tasty bit of hypocrisy here, and further down on the same page, Drivebye adds: “it cant be worse can wotlk now can it?” What is it about new content that re-ignites our hatred for the other things Blizzard forced on their unwilling customers?


I couldn’t help but feel for Blackspot, who was unhappy with the injustice of this new expansion: “Wtf why’s cairne getting killed he’s done nothing wrong“. Although Blackspot is sorely naive if he genuinely thinks that “only bad people die”, I guess it’s something we should think about. Writers of a soap opera often survey their market audience before doing anything drastic on a television show, because its the maker’s jobs to give us what we want. And for a change, we don’t want this game to represent a war torn world where people die in brutal waves of shadow magic and immolation, and leave their children orphaned, or end up as broken versions of themselves, floating in the nether… It is time for us to see the things that bring a tear of joy to our eyes, instead of a tear of sorrow. Instead of killing off Cairne, I say they should give us something better. Maybe Jaina Proudmoore could have a half-human half-orc baby with Thrall. The bundle of joy could be celebrated across the world, there could even be a quest line to “Visit the new mother and baby” and donate a set amount of gold for rep with the new “Jaina-Thrall trust fund” faction. Yeah, I should totally write this stuff. Hit me up, Blizz, I’d love to be a creative writer for your squad.


As highlighted by Incuro, “OMFG. no new content, no new classes. instead blizz r just being lazy and reuse old content and makes it possible for all races to be like all classes?? i mean wtf who wants that.“, by going through all of their previous hard work and updating it, changing it, adding phases and instances, completely altering previous content to bring it up-to-date, Blizzard are being LAZY. No, they’re not giving us what we want. Ignore the billions of suggestion threads that have emerged since TBC, asking for Azeroth to be updated, to change every now and then, to make some form of progression… Blizzard are simply being lazy. And of course, these alleged zones that were once unclickable blobs on our world maps aren’t new content at all. Right…


A lot to get our heads around. But the real victims of all of this are Blizzard, I think. Imagine if you were a Blizz developer right now… You’ve gone to all of this trouble to try and fit every player’s desire into the new expansion and it’s less than a week away from being announced at Blizzcon for all to see, and you’re really excited about everybody’s reaction… And then the info gets leaked, the fanbase go crazy with rage, and you have to timidly take to the stage to announce that it was in fact true… I guess we just have to hope it’s inaccurate like these rumours were pre-WotLK and they got their facts wrong for Blizzard’s sake.

I would probably have so much more to write, but I always know I’ve written enough when Daine announces, “You must be writing a long post…”

– Katie

Take advice from someone who “knows”

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You will find when you quit WoW that you gain a whole new perspective on life in general, and in particular, on the people that you have been playing alongside. Sometimes the spectator sees more of the game, and that’s why it’s always a pleasure to read a “goodbye” post filled with opinions and observations from “the other side”.

The time has come for Cthonya to leave WoW, but before he does, he has a few caring observations to share with us as a parting gift. Isn’t that kind of him? He knows exactly what the world is all about now that he has stepped away from his computer monitor, and instead of being selfish and keeping all of that sacred knowledge to himself, he has decided to share it with us all in an attempt to make the world a better place. So, without further ado, here is what Cthonya had to say in a post entitled, “Finally, toodloo and tata“.

fatIt really all boils down to one single thing.
Unless you get up off your (increasingly) fat arses YOURSELF and venture outside again, in the end your lives really will just amount to nothing more than just screenshots.
There is no such thing as balance in your lives whilst you play Wow. Those who convince themselves that they manage to balance Wow and RL are deluded, there just is nothing more to it.
They are either on the way in or out to become just another wannabe or post hard core player, and there is nothing more to that either.
Loot is god, and there is no other reason your officers are your officers. They are there to control the money and the loot and the goodies and commodities and all the bits that make your belly go all fuzzy inside. The rest is meaningless, just accept it. You are there to make them feel better about themselves, and don’t let them tell you otherwise. Guild Monkey (the one who can delete everyone from the guild and take all the money and stuff whenever they want to) are, well, just fat and useless. The game has no rules, so yeah they can do that and there is absolutely not a single thing you can do about it. Think about it for a second…
Blizzard is no more than a commercial entity. If it wasn’t for them someone else would have done it. Wow is the collective result of all its predecessors and of you. I have nothing against them, I admire them for what they have managed to give so many otherwise lost souls. All that’s missing is a pseudo-messiah and you almost have religion!

How sweet of him to let us know how he feels. And of course, his audience was completely receptive to his positive step towards liberating us WoW players from our life destroying addictions. Forgetting the fact that in the past 6 months, I have been playing WoW fairly casually and still managed to complete my A Levels, get engaged and maintain a healthy social life and family relationships, I think he might be onto something here. After all – he must know. He’s torn away from his WoW addiction and can see what we all fail to realise.

It was disheartening to see people questioning the authenticity behind the controversial words of warning. Cthonya is quitting, and has realised that he was addicted, and therefore we all must be. After all, every person in the world is exactly the same, right?

But one hearty dwarf from Turalyon, Mogan, had a word of warning for Cthonya if he thought life would be all rosy on the other side. “GL on your outside hobbies,” he said, “though make sure you give them up fast or they will control and ruin your life!”

However, I think I’ll grant my Quote of the Day to Conspiracy, who said, “Every 5 seconds a DK quits because the game is too hard. Donate 5 epics a month to keep 50% of WoW’s idiots playing.”

This thread probably won’t be open for long, and is already becoming a bit of a flamefest, which is a shame, because it means that Cthonya’s words will never reach the mass audience that they were intended towards… And overall, the world will be much darker place where fear and addiction keep the masses under control while the dark overlord that is Blizzard continue to rule with tyranny. It’s up to us to spread the message and end this plague once and for all.

– Katie


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I guess this inevitably had to be brought up on this blog as its own topic at some point, and seeing possibly one of the there-are-no-girls-on-the-internetfastest growing threads ever spawn on MMO-Champion I felt now would be a pretty good time to write about it. Now, I think I’m obviously relatively biased on this whole ‘girl gamers’ subject, being that I’m engaged to one that I may have met through the game. I guess to an extent that lumps me in with these guys that descend into a rabid collective of rampantly masturbating primates as soon as the subtle tones of a female are heard over Ventrilo. I’d consider myself to have slightly more tact though.

I fear this isn’t going to be as toxic and satirical as usual posts, but I’ll try my absolute bestest. The general consensus on girls joining guilds is that everyone will throw all of their toys out of the pram, either because they want to be the one to dick the hotty, or because they don’t want to get dicked over because of the hotty. Whether this girl is even hot or not is a whole different ballgame in itself, because generally chronic closet-dwellers that make up a vast proportion of the vocal playerbase have either pornography or their mothers to go by for comparison. In the infamous D&T scandal, both cards were brought in (comparing vaginas was possibly the most hilariously funny and out-of-line thing I’ve ever seen on the interwebs). Generally though, if it has breasts and a couple of holes it’s fair game for everyone to try their hardest to be the one to pass the checkered flag at the hallowed entrance to the afro clam. Compliments, money, epics and ingame flowers will be thrown at the potential bride-to-be as love declarations are made from the rooftops to try and bag this new and elusive creature. So, is recruiting a girl good or bad for your guild?

This thread seems to think they are THE DEVIL, at least to start with. As soon as a girl is invited, you have trouble on your hands. They’ll want to be an officer, they’ll be sleeping with the GM for epics and raid spots, they are terrible players and furthermore, filthy semen-gargling harlots. Well I’d say I’ve seen a couple of them on DB, Herlana lol. A rogue with full T6 and glaives that boasts 2k DPS on Archimonde, which they only achieved through Heroism, haste pots and the fight only having lasted 45 seconds at the point of the screenshot. I think it’s fair to say that due to being fervently fapped over, someone got a bit ahead of themselves. There was a gnome rogue back in my guild in vanilla who got spoonfed gear despite being on follow all the time and doing less overall damage than the healers over the course of an MC run. I don’t really need to say more, do I? I think it’s pretty unfair to lump them all into this one catergory though, as more often than not this is someone else’s fault.

Yup guys, it’s all on you, as this poster not-so-eloquently points out.

they cause drama BECAUSE of men, most of the guys don’t ever go outside let alone talking to girls (and i said most, not all) so as soon as they hear a female voice over ventrilo they go nuts, because behind a computer they feel safe and have that selfconfidence that don’t have irl, the girl is probably a normal girl, but nowadays any girl that it is not fat or very ugly is considered HOT by those men (or kids in some cases) so yea the men think they’re in love after the girl talked to them twice about the game, if your good people are like this you better keep girls out of the guild, because when the guys start going after the girl they will enjoy the game less.. which results in not giving 100%.

sad thing is they don’t need much to feel in love, just play one time with a girl and they will want to give her gold, materials, help of any kind, epics (ive seen guys passing on this epic that both a girl and a boy need just to make a point on her) etc, so yea girls cause drama, but it is usually not her fault (ive also met girls that take advantage of their situation and i think its good).

oh.. what about these guys that act like girls just to have that special consideration?.. i love em

ps. oh yea most of the times the girls aim to the gms, officers or people with some kind of power in the guild that ensures them raid spots (because most of them aint the best players in the world.. you know) or items.

Trufax m8z. Some girls will have this agenda where they’re deliberately going to be terrible and get carried through life, either because Daddy says his little princess was beautiful, or because a vast majority of WoW players wouldn’t know a breast if it hit them in the face and so hit on things they know to be female endlessly just to hopefully reach the holy land. I think Katie’s recent application was a pretty fair example as I pointed out in my last post. Let’s face it though, if guys who were just itching to score with anything didn’t play up to the fact that a girl was around and didn’t cause drama, demand they got loot, feed them loot and go batshit crazy as soon as one appeared, I imagine this whole retarded stereotype wouldn’t even exist. I’ll put my hand up and admit I was one of ‘those guys’ to a much lesser extent back when I was 16, 17… probably 18 and my need to get action outside of drunken school parties was far more evident, but I’d like to think I snapped out of it somewhere along the line ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Most girls are actually pretty decent, while not all will be fantastic players, neither are all guys. Some guys are flat out terrible at the game just the same. The New Expedition is full of women, some have been terrible for drama, some have been not so good at pulling the numbers, and some of them have been astounding. While I’d say the drama thing is probably less apparent in the Penis Owners Association, it’s not entirely free of it. Now, as much as it’d be in the vein of this blog to rip into various members of my guild in a loving and caring fashion, I’m not going to. I’m just going to agree with this guy (for the most part).

They generally:
* causes less drama
* swears less (if not at all)
* make good healers: patient, good at micro-management and multi tasking
* dislike melee-type classes
* dislike tanking
* couldn’t care less of stroking e-peen

By far the funniest thing to come out of this whole ‘grls in WoW’ phenomenon are the guys pretending to be women. Yes, I play female avatars, sue me. I have however never stooped to the level of actually pretending to be one IRL. As profitable as it can be. (Hai Jeniffer). Yes, some guys are so desperate for some lovin’ that they’ll even throw gold at something that might be a woman. In poker terms, I guess you could say he was just taking the pot odds and figuring that if he repeatedly throws money at this hand, he’ll eventually win one. Soltys, I salute your dedication to the cause of thrying to find any woman online to the point where you have indeed found one that is unattainable, and will happily announce that you’ll wait for their ‘occupier’ to die just to be with them. Such dedication and romance is hard to find these days, especially in a virtual environment, and so I feel the need to commend you.

I don’t know what you guys think of the whole thing, or this post even but then I don’t care what you think about that. Generally, I reckon if some guys weren’t so socially awkward that they only had one option for scoring, and thus drool relentlessly at the chance of scoring with that special guildy, then women generally wouldn’t be treated as completely different entitiess when it comes to gaming. As it stands though, it just leaves it far too open to abuse, both for shameless women who love to whore that attention, and for guys who are okay with leaving their one eyed milkman on the sidelines for a while just to get ahead. Bottom line is, if you need to fap over your dream woman that just got invited to the guild 5 minutes ago and is now the love of your life, at least make sure they’ve got a microphone first. And even if they do, beware that they’re not a pre-pubescent boy, sex offences are serious business.


Wiimage of Bladefist has uncovered a dark truth

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Now here is some serious WoW business. I mean, thank goodness Wiimage is here, or I would have no idea that I was about to die in World War 3. You heard it here first (or maybe in Wiimage’s thread if you’re as widely read on the realm forums as I am). We are due to enter a war constructed by the secret rulers of the planet, the New World Order, so that the population can be reduced.

Wiimage argues his case so perfectly that it’s impossible to believe that he could be wrong. He asserts that the New World Order have been around for the past 100 years, and are progressing very slowly so that we don’t notice. But amongst their plans for absolute world domination, they are planning to have us all tagged with chips: “They contain all of your data and GPS coordinates and if they turn your chip of remotely it will be like you never existed and you will most likely starve and die because you cant pay for food without a chip. There are also plans to plant a poison inside the chips that can be activated at any time killing you instantly if you are trying to resist or simply if the NWO feels like killing you.”

This is some scary discussion for the World of Warcraft realm forums, but Wiimage is SO dedicated to making us all aware of our future that he is relentlessly unstoppable. Apparently, he has already posted 2 or 3 threads on the issue before – all locked and deleted – and is still desperate to have his words heard. He offers various links to “proof” about the New World Order, explaining that our rights to own a gun will be taken away (I think I can live with that), and that we have all been brainwashed into believing that they don’t exist as the New World Order have control over the mass media, including YouTube. Indeed, they meddle with the view counter of anti-NWO propoganda so that the short clips never reached the “featured section” (well, if I had that much power, I think I’d just delete the damn videos, not meddle with the view counter).

People don’t take kindly to Wiimage’s warning, even though the poor fellow is only trying to help us become more aware so that we can fight back, saying, “Im happy that a friend told me about this and now im doing my best to wake the world.”

Of course, he was met with scepticism (infact, he was met with NOTHING but scepticism), with fed up realm mates insinuating he was crazy, such as Sargon: “I hear you can craft excellent tinfoil hats out of aluminium these days.”

BUT WHAT IF WIIMAGE IS RIGHT!? He sure thinks he is, and he thinks that on some level, we all think he is. He says, “You dont dare to watch it because you are afraid of the truth and that what im saying is in fact true”. Yep, that’s exactly why nobody’s wasting 10 minutes of their life on a movie which declares Obama to be the future world dictator who wants to kill us all.

– Katie

Dramahs of the week

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So, since we’ve been away for a while, I thought I’d post a few little stories just to catch up with the gossip of the WoW community.

Forum drama: the faction changing patch

Of course, for all of us who were forced to level a new character when our friends re-rolled horde just as we hit level 60, this new patch came as a complete slap across the face. I mean, Blizzard have yet again listened to the requests of its players and have made a useful and productive move towards making the game even more enjoyable? Well, that’s just completely uncalled for. This patch is clearly targeting casuals, once again, as the main target market for this messed up game.

Well, that’s what some people seem to think. Obviously there are plenty of people out there, particularly on mmo-champion, who don’t like it when developers consider what is in the interests of their customers to give them something new.

Predictions have been thrown around, how likely do you think they are to be true? Will the masses re-roll horde, leaving alliance bare and empty? Will people really pay the fee, purely to flame gankers of the opposite faction? Will guilds like Ensidia re-roll alliance on the same night as a first kill so they can get two world firsts in one go?

What do you think?

Aerie Peak tension
Muramasa, the belf rogue, managed to sum up the alliance of Aerie Peak in a nutshell. As he sees it, all alliance are cowards and here’s why.

After forming a raid on Orgrimmar, most likely for the achievements, the alliance were obliterated by their opponents so decided to wait until after midnight to return (when nobody would be around to fight them). Muramasa was infuriated with this pathetic act of cowardice, ranting: “How hollow the victory must feel, and yet how said it is that you probably do not care. Where’s the sense of achievement? Where’s the challenge?” He goes on to say, “Any sign of a fair and evenly balanced fight and you don’t show up, run away, or fail altogether.” (I guess the fact that Orgimmar is filled with relentlessly spawning NPCs, elite mobs and a huge raid boss does mean that the fight would indeed be balanced during peak server time when the city is buzzing with level 80 PvPers.)

Of course, the alliance didn’t take this reputation bashing lying down, and poor Muramasa was “told”. Unwilling to take the news like a man, he reacted by saying: “It is quite clear i will always be in the minority. I will not be posting again any time soon; I need some time to reflect. To those who can’t stand me, this is your lucky day – congratulations.” (This tops the emo scale, almost deserving of a Quote of the Day award…)

The thread was then spoofed over here.

Who ever said that WoW had lost the whole “faction war” feeling?

Deathpenalty’s tribute to Michael Jackson
ย ย 
Deathpenalty of Hellfire paid tribute to his “hero” Michael Jackson in a heart-warming thread about the recently deceased “king of pop”. Seeing the Hellfire realm forums as the appropriate place to express his grief, he educated the masses on the server on the legend that was “MJ”. He said, rather touchingly, “He was the most profound, beautiful, amazing and inovative personalities ever to grace our lives. We should be grateful if nothing else, to have witnessed and experienced such a person…”
However, some citizens of Hellfire weren’t content with this summary of Michael Jackson’s “personalities”, and hopped in to make some “tributes” of their own. Shallyah expressed her opinion that “Yesterday died a carcass”, Lozzypops played with WoW lingo saying: “MJ got critted with the DK’s Heart Strike. The priest was AFK. MJ dies.” Anaalius called Michael Jackson his “favorite paedophile”, and Saeephirothh expressed his opinion that he much prefers Gary Glitter.

And Orcchick delivered some hard and uncomfortable truths about life, saying, “Cannot care any less for any deaths of persons I do not know IRL or arent known to ppl i know IRL. There has already been about deaths already. In the next 80 years about humans will die. Its a fact, we all die.” Profound forum truths, however I do suddenly have a Michael Jackson song stuck in my head.

– Katie


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I’ve seen some stupid complaints about WoW before, especially since Wrath launched. That torture quest in Borean?oliver-twist-gruel Inhumane, what kind of a message does that send to people? Raiding encourages children to murder people?? You all know what crap is usually spouted. This thread takes the prize though, but a loooooong way. Blizzard, in their increasingly nefarious ways, have decided that child slavery is okay in their books. China and India, you’re okay. Blizzard have spoken. In the new Argent Tournament dailies, gain a high enough rank and you, yes you, can own your own personal Aryan slave boy. He’ll carry your banner and bags for you, shine your greaves and tend to your horse. And you know what? It’s DESPICABLE. According to Xelior of Terenas. I’m personally not intellectually handicapped to the point where I’d read ‘child labour’ from squires in a game inspired by medieval combat.

I mean, of all the things in the game you could pick on, like drugs, torture and the slaughter of random animals for shits and giggles, this has to be one of the lamest. As Xelior astutely recognises though, this is not a parent-child working relationship. It’s a master-servant one. So not only are these poor, fictional, generically modelled (Yes they’re all white with blonde hair, Hitler Youth squires which I’m surprised isn’t a concern to this idiot) children put to the hard task of banner carrying for their favourite knight, but you could also insinuate a bit of sub-dom action. Call the police, Blizzard are promoting child molestation too! At the time of posting, the masterful Xelior has come into the thread claiming ‘he laughed to tears’ over the responses, but eh, I’m not actually convinced he was trolling given the ‘P.S’. I’m sticking to my guns.

In other news, thanks to Ravalik we have an update on our good friend Junkkiller, whos forum post that entry was based on has since been deleted, much to my dismay. You can find the new evidence here. Not only was Junkkiller indeed proven to be account trading, but his GM knew all about it. They stick to the plan with the guy’s life falling apart and him threatening suicide every 15 minutes however, but his noble GM calls for him to cease these threats and ToS-breaking actions if he wants to remain a member of his esteemed guild. However, several officers and other member’s don’t share the same opinion, with a good few of them leaving – both due to the GM being crap and making loads of mistakes, and because of not wanting to be associated with a drama-seeking black-listed gold/account seller. Fair play, homies.