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New expansion “leaks” lead to Cataclysmic drama levels

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When I woke up this morning, I was sure that something strange and unsettling had happened in the universe. Why? Because I actually had a dream about this blog, and quite an unusual dream. My mum, who as it happens has never seen this blog and probably never will (or at least I can hope), was berating me for some of my more biased blog posts and the way that I can, you could say, be quite a bitch to internet attention seekers. Then she took me into the garden, and showed me a slug making its way up the wall of my house, its disgusting trail following it and she said, “You see, the beauty of the slug climbing up the wall… Why do you need to take sides?” After this slightly unusual but maybe philosophical dream, I woke up thinking about the blog and wondering whether I’d been given a message about my previous actions… Should I try to be more objective? Should I think about beautiful (cough) slugs crawling up the wall next time, and try not to be so biased? What was the meaning to all of this, if there was a meaning at all?

So, I woke up. Sat up in my bed. Turned to Daine, who was also saying hello to the day, and told him of my dream. “Yeah, quite weird…” he said. But, after a quick zoom to town to go to the bank before it closed, I flicked on the computer and…

BOOM! mmo-champion put my dream, and it’s apparent message, straight to the back of my mind with what was surely going to have the most cataclysmic effect on the WoW community since… well, the last patch. Truth be told, I’m actually quite pleased with the new expansion, if the “leak” is accurate. Of course, I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only person who feels a tiny bit queazy about Tauren Paladins and Undead Hunters, but the rest of it looks really promising. In fact, I personally wish they’d gone a bit more “happy with the re-hashing button” and not brought in any of the new zones and continents. But enough about me.

What is most great about new expansion pack “leaks” is that, because there’s been no official announcement, you can be sure there will be PLENTY of conflict, and plenty of whining. All across the forums, people are moaning like cows giving birth about all of the new content. And, if they make a completely valid point, at least we can bitch about the fact that the person is moaning about what can only be officially labelled “speculation”.

Now, I’ve been following the general forums for the entire morning, and of course a few other places as well. I’ve seen every opinion that possibly exists on the internet about the new expansion, “Cataclysm”. One thing to note is that much of the hottest drama is gone, dead, buried, and slowly disintegrated into nothing more than a moderator’s secret archives. Yes friends, conspiracy. The forum mods are deleting posts containing this speculation. So, my apologies for not having made hard copies.

So, who’s whining about what?


Tauren paladins? Undead hunters? Even draenei shamans are coming under attack for breaking lore! No news is too old today, and all of those cool kids that play on PVP servers and actually don’t give a tiny shit about the lore, and don’t consider WoW a roleplaying game, suddenly have an issue with the fact that the lore is beginning to get lost underneath piles of epic gems, resilience caps and free Emblems. With the overuse of add-ons like Qhelper, I fail to believe that 75% of players in this game even bother to read the quests anymore, but suddenly everybody gives a crap what is right and wrong in the World of Warcraft. I’m inclined to agree with Fireandfrost (yes, you guessed it from his name alone, he’s a night-elf druid!), who said: “No one cares about lore in WOW.If u want lore go play Warcraft 3.” Let’s face it. The majority of WoW players don’t have a clue about it’s story or it’s background beyond the trailers, and the bit of RP lecturing they might get if they accidentally stumble onto an RP server with a name like “Vancleefalien” or “Arthasbro”.


Don’t like something you’ve read? Want to make a forum post about it? Don’t bother. You will only be told by about 500 smart alecs that you’re QQing about something that hasn’t been verified by Blizzard. Viriato asked what we were all wondering, saying: “But one thing… is that information reliable?? Seriously, is there any chance the things said there are true??” He, like everybody else, has no idea – so shut up about it, right? As Shalinda says, “Nothing is confirmed. If I were you I’d stop discussing this until next weekend, when Blizzcon starts. ” After all, there is a law that states you can never discuss the future. After all, the future is based on many variables which could shift and change… Unless you are 100% positive that something will happen, which is physically impossible for any of us to do (though I’m guessing an atheist may disagree), it’s ILLEGAL to discuss it, to wonder about it, and to imagine it. That’s why me and Daine aren’t going to bother looking at houses for us to move into in September as planned. Too many things might change, it’s not worth discussing until the day we move in. Right?

Old news

Indeed. A lot of people have woken up this morning with nothing more to do than to whine about whining itself. Not only are we going to whine about the current CRISIS of the impending expansion, but we are going to drag up old whines in order to make a point about this current whine. Take Yara, for example, who says: “First patch 3.2 would ruin wow now the new expansion… soon a maintenance will ruin wow aswell ­čśŤ“. A valid point by Yara, if not a small indulgence in a tasty bit of hypocrisy here, and further down on the same page, Drivebye adds: “it cant be worse can wotlk now can it?” What is it about new content that re-ignites our hatred for the other things Blizzard forced on their unwilling customers?


I couldn’t help but feel for Blackspot, who was unhappy with the injustice of this new expansion: “Wtf why’s cairne getting killed he’s done nothing wrong“. Although Blackspot is sorely naive if he genuinely thinks that “only bad people die”, I guess it’s something we should think about. Writers of a soap opera often survey their market audience before doing anything drastic on a television show, because its the maker’s jobs to give us what we want. And for a change, we don’t want this game to represent a war torn world where people die in brutal waves of shadow magic and immolation, and leave their children orphaned, or end up as broken versions of themselves, floating in the nether… It is time for us to see the things that bring a tear of joy to our eyes, instead of a tear of sorrow. Instead of killing off Cairne, I say they should give us something better. Maybe Jaina Proudmoore could have a half-human half-orc baby with Thrall. The bundle of joy could be celebrated across the world, there could even be a quest line to “Visit the new mother and baby” and donate a set amount of gold for rep with the new “Jaina-Thrall trust fund” faction. Yeah, I should totally write this stuff. Hit me up, Blizz, I’d love to be a creative writer for your squad.


As highlighted by Incuro, “OMFG. no new content, no new classes. instead blizz r just being lazy and reuse old content and makes it possible for all races to be like all classes?? i mean wtf who wants that.“, by going through all of their previous hard work and updating it, changing it, adding phases and instances, completely altering previous content to bring it up-to-date, Blizzard are being LAZY. No, they’re not giving us what we want. Ignore the billions of suggestion threads that have emerged since TBC, asking for Azeroth to be updated, to change every now and then, to make some form of progression… Blizzard are simply being lazy. And of course, these alleged zones that were once unclickable blobs on our world maps aren’t new content at all. Right…


A lot to get our heads around. But the real victims of all of this are Blizzard, I think. Imagine if you were a Blizz developer right now… You’ve gone to all of this trouble to try and fit every player’s desire into the new expansion and it’s less than a week away from being announced at Blizzcon for all to see, and you’re really excited about everybody’s reaction… And then the info gets leaked, the fanbase go crazy with rage, and you have to timidly take to the stage to announce that it was in fact true… I guess we just have to hope it’s inaccurate like these rumours were pre-WotLK and they got their facts wrong for Blizzard’s sake.

I would probably have so much more to write, but I always know I’ve written enough when Daine announces, “You must be writing a long post…”

– Katie


Uh oh… Religion and WoW in the same sentence…

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A shunned player earlier posted his dismay at being kicked from his guild for taking an AFK during an Ulduar raid. Brap, who said he was posting on an alt for “obvious reasons”, admitted he was a Muslim and that he needed to take short AFKs during raids to pray. He said he did this every day for a year as a member of the guild, and was shocked to suddenly be kicked for it.

He claims that this is discrimination, as he was essentially removed from his guild for being “forced to take a relatively short AFK break” here and there, which he thought was understood and acceptable. He wonders whether this is against Blizzard policies, and if he has grounds to report the guild for their “intolerance”.

Of course, there are some people who are “for” the kick and some that aren’t. The two opposing sides seem to be:

1. A GM can kick you for whatever reason he wants, and frequent AFKs during raids are perfectly acceptable grounds for kicking somebody. Perhaps you should look for a guild that doesn’t coincide with your raiding.

2. Any guild which doesn’t respect your religion isn’t worthy of your time and effort. This blatant discrimination shows that they didn’t deserve you as a member.

Islam is srs, so I’m almost afraid to post this.

But seriously, it is good to see that the OP is actually the most literate, calm and patient person in the thread, and it really puts shame to stereotypes. Where some flamebois say things like: “Everyone should wait for you till you’re done talking to yourself?”, “WHERES YOUR GOD NOW HUH???”, “Aren’t you a bit too old to have imaginary friends anyway?” and “pray for a better guild”, the OP is rational and only replies to serious respondents and doesn’t play up to the trolls.

There are plenty of, “ill blow up your family to prove my point”, “BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” and “so now u trying to invade the servers too huh???” It’s a funny read if you like political incorrectness. It’s a disturbing read if you have actual sympathy for the OP.

One fool compares raiding to open heart surgery for the importance of prolonged concentration. Yeah, ’cause that’s the same. Fuck, I’m a coward, this is literally the only guy I dare poke fun at.

But what do you think – is this discrimination? Or should we consider the need to pray as worthless an excuse as the need to randomly download some porn and play with ourselves half way through a raid?

– Katie

Well, our drama sucks in comparison…

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…to the Chinese drama of 2006. I accidentally stumbled across these stories from a random page that appeared when I was scanning google, a story entitled “The most famous pervert in China” which is basically the story of a man who finds out that his wife has been cheating on him with a student, and GM of their guild. After originally finding out and forgiving her, he is shocked to find that she has been at it again with the student, and decides to shame the couple online.

He posts on a forum about the affair, showing chatlogs, some rather crude in their content. There begins a “war” online, as hundreds of people flood to the server to make a protest about the GM, asking for him to have his rights taken away. However, things go a lot further when his address and phone number appear online. Things get so bad that the student and his family are forced to barricade themselves inside their home, as angry members of the “mob” assert that the student and his wife should be “put in a pig cage and drowned”. They also say that the university where the boy is a student should be bombed with Iranian missiles. (Talk about overreacting……)

the protest

This is old news but has distracted me from revising. If you haven’t already seen it, you should take a look. Puts our European drama to shame, but I’m pretty glad about that!

– Katie

CONSPIRACY! Bilzard gon stolen MY writinz

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Uh oh…

Blizzard have upset their consumers once more by causing great controversy with their latest stunt; a “global creative writing competition” in which the first prize won a Frostmourne sword and a chance to visit the company HQ and meet the Blizz creative writing staff. Last week, Blizzard posted the results of the competition on the EU general forums, congratulating the winner and offering a link to her story.

Controversy quickly flared up though, and suddenly the glorious event that was undoubtedly being celebrated by Sarah Pine, the proud owner of her very own Blizz-endorsed sword, when people began to highlight that all was not as it seemed. Not only were all of the winners from the US (coinkidink?), but Blizzard had gained full rights over 1,500 pieces of work that would go on to receive no recognition for the authors.

It’s claimed by many furious players that they had been “enticed” into giving in their work, only to lose all the writes over it (Pun! Proud?) and one player called it a “form of plagerism”. As he put it, “These stories could now either be used to generate ideas and therefore revenue for Blizz without ever crediting the original authors or stay stuffed in a drawer staying unread. This does seem quite cruel either way.”

So, how much truth is there to these brutal claims against Blizzard’s sparkling, dazzling reputation of justice, equality and listening to their players? Well, as one person pointed out, the competition DID seem geared towards the American population of the game – not just because all of the winners were American and the first prize was a trip to America (saving money for Blizz, of course), but also because Blizzard didn’t even bother to announce the winner on the EU forums for 2 weeks after they were originally posted on the US forums.

The first prize was a trip to the Californian HQ with lodging and a fancy din-din with some Blizzard folks, and it was estimated as costing $1,000 (and airflight from London to California alone would cost that, and more).

So, apparently, not only were players from the entire world convinced to give up their stories for Blizzard’s sole ownership for the chance to win a competition, it turns out the chance to win wasn’t even there anyway.

Totalbiscuit gets involved (when doesn’t he, these days?), and seems to bounce from being one of the protesters to one of the Blizzard team, although he does give some sound advice – don’t worry about Blizzard owning rights to your damn writing, do you really think they’ll give a crap if you post it on your guild’s forum?

Well, that’s not enough for some people, particularly one player who intends to turn his story into a spoof book called “Cowcraft” (my main thought is, how did he think he’d win a Blizzard competition when he was taking the royal piss out of their most successful product?) He has written an angry letter to Blizzard, highlighting all of the grey areas around the legalities of this and demanding justice! Will he ever hear back from them? Will Cowcraft be on our shop shelves soon? Watch this space.


– Katie


My heart bleeds

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Forcing your problems on your immediate WoW community for that oh-so reassuring feeling of people giving a crappicard and fulfilling your attention whoring needs is one that we’ve probably all experienced and tried our hand at once or twice. Every guild has their village idiot who’s cat was pregnant, only to have the kittens set on fire inside them, only for the player in question to potentially have contracted lung cancer from the smoke. This guy takes it to a whole new level though.

Apparently, his wife and unborn son were taken from him by her parents because they didn’t approve of sex before marriage, he has a brain tumour and WoW is his only solace. Now those EVIL, HEARTLESS Blizzard bastards have banned his account for account trading and now Mr Junk is teetering on the brink of suicide. Please help, WoW Community! Never gonna happen really, was it? An all out war kicks off between those ‘bleeding heart’ liberal pansies and the super cool ‘Lol go jump off a building attention seeker’ camp. Junk constantly reinforces the point that he needs it back, he needs his friend or it could all be over. However, the thread pretty much spirals down into a war between the ever-present General Forum troll Totalbiscuit and pretty much anyone who cares to take a swing. It’s all pretty generic stuff, until we get a tip-off that Blizzard are actually spot on here.

DUN DUN DUUUN. After a bit of researching on Google and tirelessly sifting through the crap on Markee Dragon, here’s the proof that he was indeed trying to sell the aforementioned Druid. Keylogged, honest! Riiight. Think the game’s up on that guy. While I usually wouldn’t revel in the despair of a fellow human being, this was a such a tragic case that it always raised questions, and proverbially ‘owning’ attention seekers who would spout BS in such ways is frankly what makes the world go round. Now, for those crying in Junk’s defense, who’s sicker; the people telling him they don’t give a crap about his problems, or Junk? ­čśÇ


candy van

This just in, Blizzard’s plan to migrate all us diligent supporters of their glorious company onto a single, unifying account is simply a ploy to invade our privacy. Yes, Maryjayne of Shattered Hand is on to those cloak-and-dagger bastards. How dare they record our whispers! I could be reciting all of my sexual adventures with prostitutes or bragging about how I’m ‘running a paedophile grooming guild’ in whispers to my friends, and they’d know about it! The police would be onto me! Absolutely shocking that such cheap tactics are resorted to by a supposedly respectable company. Shame on you, Blizzard.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, FRIENDS. Blizzard’s nefarious plan to strip us of our ‘basic rights as a human’ don’t stop there. Graice of Steamwheedle Cartel has cunningly unravelled Blizzard’s long-term plan. Yes, you guessed it, stealing our babies. Our own flesh and blood. If you virtually sign this new-fangled EULA, you and you alone are to blame for having your first-born stolen from you in the dead of night. What do they plan to do with all these hijacked offspring? We don’t yet know, but we have our top investigators on the case with Graice taking point on this operation. So remember kids – stay safe, don’t say anything incriminating or personal ANYWHERE on WoW, NEVER agree to the EULA and until further notice, don’t let your kids, sperms or eggs out of your sight for one second. The Blues will be watching.


Self-loathing builds the soul

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Well, it does mine anyway. At least if it’s other people’s self loathing. After spending about 2 hours trawling the EUnerdrage forums I was sadly disappointed at the severe lack of anything. Did people become civil overnight? That is, until I stumbled upon Deathwing (WELL I SAY ME) and I pretty much had my (YES MY) work done for me. Long proclaimed a dead server, by themselves at least as I really have no idea nor do I care, you can’t visit a topic without it devolving into drama within the first 5 posts. Seriously. There’s not even something specific I can cover here. Made a kill video? Learn to render, you fucking moron. Claimed a server first? Then your guild are a bunch of incompetent retards looking for attention, because it’s Deathwing, who cares? Transferred a guild, bigged it up then fallen on your arse a month later? HAHA (Yeah I’m looking at you Redrum-DB). Not even 10 year old girls that cry on national TV are safe from this server’s scorn.

But fear not, for one thing can redeem this seemingly lost, hate-consumed server. Girls. IRL girls. At least if you want to do 2v2 arena on the mighty Deathwing, roll a female toon and be prepared for some sweet bukkake lovin’.┬á If any of our readers happen to be employed in the mental health field, set up a private practice, you’ll make a killing.

Just take a look at all the nerdrage on that realm. It’s wonderful, and proves Marvin Gaye to be a real prophet when promoting the need for sexual healing.


World firsts, SRS BIZNIZ!

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World firsts are indeed serious business. Ever since the dawn of raiding, the race was on to be the best. WValanyrorld first Nefarians, C’thun’s, KTs took the WoW community by storm and much like any sport, lines were drawn and teams were formed. Supporters flock to the forums to save the dignity of their heroes and lavish praise upon them in hopes of receiving even a nod of gratitude. And so it continues.

Method recently downed Algalon and claimed the world second a day after Ensidia, and thus felt the need to warn their bitter rivals that the race for Yogg with no watchers was indeed still on! Fighting talk ensues, with deadly ripostes to the claim such as ‘okay┬á :-)’ being thrown around. But then it all gets a bit tedious. UNTIL PAGE 11!

With all the talk of ‘best players’, first Kungen gets (Shield) slammed for not tanking properly in their kill videos, and then Krematoria decides that he is the world’s best rogue and dares people to pick him apart. Enter Ensidia leadership.

We didn’t feel the need to take you to Algalon on our WF.

You consistantly failed on Firefighter. You did not understand the doom fire. You ate more rockets than everyone else put together (slight exageration, but you took a lot).

We have off-spec Ferals smashing you to pieces on DPS meters.

iirc, you took sunbeam after sunbeam on Freya hard mode.

The officers are starting to reconsider your position in the guild. We have had apps from rogues with similar raiding history to you, but probably aren’t total retards.

You are certainly not the best rogue in the guild.

Before you go giving it massive on this forums again, just think twice about yourself. Take this as a subtle hint that you are nothing like the player you think you are.

Buuurned. It gets quite awesome from then on, with Ensidia leadership God complexes being questioned, disputes over whether Ensidia actually get paid or not (with proof!), and all kinds of accusations and drama. I’ll definitely be staying tuned to see how this one pans out. And now…

Avant ‘Team America’ Garde have proven to those filthy European commies that the Red, White and Blue, the Stars and Stripes are forever stronger than their filthy usurping ways by sticking it to them with the WORLD FIRST Val’anyr. America, fuck yeah. Apparently though, satire is lost on a good portion of our beloved playerbase, and how could a guild that isn’t even first on their server be the best in the world!?!? Because they beat communism with pure red blooded American patriotism and determination. That’s how.