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Team Rocket’s blasting off again!

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Well it’s been a while and frankly it’s hard to get back into the flow of doing something when you’ve had a pretty lengthy break, so pray forgive me if this isn’t some mind-blowing dramaz that you hoped it would be. It made me sad too. It’s still pretty cool however to think the age-old premise of having nothing better to do than wander round and gank people still holds true even in this late stage of the game. Bodygank of Sunstrider is one of these people, going even to the great lengths of bothering to take and upload screenshots of his prey, who may or may not be randoms greys. In his own words, this would be rough justice because:

First of all, like i’ve already said before in the past this is post patch 3.1 there is duel spec and this is a PVP server, theres no excuse for not having a PVP spec and gear in world and if you do want to walk about with a PVE spec then you have no one to blame but yourself.

Truer words have never been spoken. I guess. I remember with great hatred the days of running through Blackrock Mountain to try and get to my scheduled instance, only to have some turd decide they have nothing better to do than camp people endlessly. this would usually by rogues mind, so I guess the guy gets some kudos for being a Priest. I guuess he’s also one of those polarising figures that you either love or hate, with a variety of fanboys circle-jerking and calling him great while other ‘special people’, as referred to by their guildies, get great thrills out of killing him with their mates. If anything, he’s just a massive attention-whoring ego monster who probably would get off on beating his wife to make sure she’s saying all the right things when he wants them said. Pretty harsh of me to say, I know, but when you feel the need to make a post to see if, after your dose of hard pwn, your victim has learned the appropriate manners around you I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say they’re probably a power freak.

Sadly idiots are everywhere, and despite having a legion of pre-pubescent boys wishing they were women and craving attention on our very own realm forums, it’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone who actually dedicates their gametime to generating e-fame and causing drama over something so very pointless, yet oddly infuriating.



Giving PvP a Hand!

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World PvP is a pretty rare occurence these days, with most people either ignoring it completely or just having the oddnowhining city raid because achievements are cool. Not so for these guys. Zylos Hand, of Frostwhisper, Ravenholdt, Al’Akir and now Burning Blade, have one mission and one mission only: to gank. A highly cowardly practice, I’m sure we all agree. Bolvar with stupid accents certainly does, proclaiming them ‘some kind of noob guild seriously’, and that they should ‘go raid or something’. Crying about their ganking antics aside, some of the realm seem to really enjoy the new take on things. The Hand have objectives like ganking at stones to cut supply lines, which is pretty cool imo. Due to them being a big pain in the backside, this wonderful month hath been proclaimed ‘Whack-a-Rat’ month, and the great omnipotent King Zylopfa has rallied his troops with this stirring war cry:

Greetings Sharandarat,
your subtle insult against King Zylopfa The Omnipotent
has not gone unnoticed. The iron fist of Zylos Hand will strike down
upon thee and break thee like a rotten tree struck by lightning.

Any Ratty uprising will be delt with swiftly and descicively. We shall see
in the comming days if your mouth spills over with that which your guts hold,
or if you indeed have intentions of fulfilling your redicoulous suggestion of
ratty disobedience.

To break your battle moral, the Zylophian Troubadurs and Bards have
versed their discust towards your being and your faction of furry plague carrying rodents.

Final Breath! Final Breath!
Prepare to meet the final death.
The swif blades of the Zylophians
Will spill your guts in northrend lands.

The next verse is for you Sharanda
for your courage this i’ll hand ya
Your insolence is foolishly unheard of
only a paladin with bubble/hs could dream of.

We shall fart right before you bubble
paladin with fresh air trouble?
You will be begging for mercy soon or late
like bolvar fordragon at the wrathgate.

Be warned insolent rats!
This uprising will be met with ironclad
slayers of the hand, with cow and cowdad
standing side by side defending the land
We are the Ratslayers of Zylos Hand!

Hail And K!LL, and let the battle commence!
King Zylopfa The Omnipresent.

All sounds pretty ace to me. Whining and crying about lame ganking, or a cool attempt to revitalise a dead practice? You decide. Hail and kill. (This is not technically hardcore drama I know, but it’s been dramatised in a lighthearted fashion by the members of the realm that aren’t all whining muppets.)

Moving on, the forums are aflame with complaints of a slightly different nature. Since Patch 3.2, twinks have been up in arms about the split battlegrounds; one for those wanting experience, and those for twinks wanting their free kills. This thread attempted to be a well-thought out argument about why the system is terrible, but came across as some guy whining about how he can’t beat the crap out of lowbies anymore. QQ. The OP was deleted, but some guy quoted it in full at post 10. There are many such threads and they only seem to become even more numerous, but now with the XP change to Battlegrounds, it now seems to be more of a case of ‘what other stupid obsolete crap could we possibly whine about?’. Well, for you lucky readers aspiring to be on the level of the most proficient whiners, here are some suggestions.

1) Not being able to hit higher level players. Yes indeed. How is it fair that even now twinks are gone, I can’t go into a Battleground at minimum level and pwn face with my levelling gear?? Hit needs to be removed from BGs so low levels still stand a chance of killing higher level players. It’s not like level should be an advantage in this game at all, gear and skill should be the only thing that matters!!

2) PvP servers are ruined because you can’t camp anymore! The OP, probably realising what a massive prat he was deleted his post, but I have it right here.

Not only has the destruction of twinks like myself in the BGs resulted from Blizzard’s desicion to activate experience in BGs, it’s also had ruinous effects on PVP servers – now you’re unable to corpsecamp lowbies, as they can just queue for a battleground, rez and immediately press the accept button in order to get their experience through the battlegrounds. This is completely outrageous and destroys the spirit of PVP even more than it already has been with cross-faction characters being enabled. Something must be done about this – perhaps a debuff preventing battleground access for 15 minutes after your death to another player.

Yes indeed, World PvP is dead. No longer being able to grief that level 35 hunter that killed you in STV with your level 80 is a crying shame, and I for one declare this game dead. This could indeed be a very clever troll, but then why delete the OP? Besides, it’s not like you can’t just wait for them to repop exactly where they queued from and kill them again. Hilarious nonetheless.

3) Classes aren’t balanced at lower levels! Well shit, who’da thunk it. As such, all classes should henceforth have identical skills, talents, gear and stats in Battlegrounds along with having their latency universally regulated and only be engageable by equal numbers. PvP should also take place on a rectangular map which is exactly symmetrical, and even then PC framerates might make it imbalanced.

4) Not enough experience from PvP! Yes, it’s indeed unfair that in a game primarily built around PvE, you can’t level as fast in Battlegrounds. You should get free experience for running around the middle of WSG like 90% of the other facerolling tards and just XPLODE-ing your way to 80. I wholeheartedly agree that from now on, PvP in repetitive battlegrounds should be the fastest way to level, and while you’re at it allow Recruit-a-Friend PvP mode which gives you a constant damage buff for HKing your way to victory please. And also…

5) You don’t get enough gold from levelling. If you do choose to level through your beloved, highly challenging battlegrounds, you don’t even get any money for it. Not only that, but the gear upgrades stop at 60! Now, what is the point in experience in BGs if I can’t even get anything from it and I will be underpowered and can’t even afford repairs through my glorious conquest???

Yep, WoW sucks. Not in ways you might think though, we’ve all got the boredom factor, or the free epics, or it getting easier and yadda-yadda sadface. If you wanted to be a bit more original in your Blizzard hate though, the PvP forums are churning out some pure gold in terms of solid, imaginative problems and solutions to make this shitty game back into the powerhouse it once was.


Dramahs of the week

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So, since we’ve been away for a while, I thought I’d post a few little stories just to catch up with the gossip of the WoW community.

Forum drama: the faction changing patch

Of course, for all of us who were forced to level a new character when our friends re-rolled horde just as we hit level 60, this new patch came as a complete slap across the face. I mean, Blizzard have yet again listened to the requests of its players and have made a useful and productive move towards making the game even more enjoyable? Well, that’s just completely uncalled for. This patch is clearly targeting casuals, once again, as the main target market for this messed up game.

Well, that’s what some people seem to think. Obviously there are plenty of people out there, particularly on mmo-champion, who don’t like it when developers consider what is in the interests of their customers to give them something new.

Predictions have been thrown around, how likely do you think they are to be true? Will the masses re-roll horde, leaving alliance bare and empty? Will people really pay the fee, purely to flame gankers of the opposite faction? Will guilds like Ensidia re-roll alliance on the same night as a first kill so they can get two world firsts in one go?

What do you think?

Aerie Peak tension
Muramasa, the belf rogue, managed to sum up the alliance of Aerie Peak in a nutshell. As he sees it, all alliance are cowards and here’s why.

After forming a raid on Orgrimmar, most likely for the achievements, the alliance were obliterated by their opponents so decided to wait until after midnight to return (when nobody would be around to fight them). Muramasa was infuriated with this pathetic act of cowardice, ranting: “How hollow the victory must feel, and yet how said it is that you probably do not care. Where’s the sense of achievement? Where’s the challenge?” He goes on to say, “Any sign of a fair and evenly balanced fight and you don’t show up, run away, or fail altogether.” (I guess the fact that Orgimmar is filled with relentlessly spawning NPCs, elite mobs and a huge raid boss does mean that the fight would indeed be balanced during peak server time when the city is buzzing with level 80 PvPers.)

Of course, the alliance didn’t take this reputation bashing lying down, and poor Muramasa was “told”. Unwilling to take the news like a man, he reacted by saying: “It is quite clear i will always be in the minority. I will not be posting again any time soon; I need some time to reflect. To those who can’t stand me, this is your lucky day – congratulations.” (This tops the emo scale, almost deserving of a Quote of the Day award…)

The thread was then spoofed over here.

Who ever said that WoW had lost the whole “faction war” feeling?

Deathpenalty’s tribute to Michael Jackson
Deathpenalty of Hellfire paid tribute to his “hero” Michael Jackson in a heart-warming thread about the recently deceased “king of pop”. Seeing the Hellfire realm forums as the appropriate place to express his grief, he educated the masses on the server on the legend that was “MJ”. He said, rather touchingly, “He was the most profound, beautiful, amazing and inovative personalities ever to grace our lives. We should be grateful if nothing else, to have witnessed and experienced such a person…”
However, some citizens of Hellfire weren’t content with this summary of Michael Jackson’s “personalities”, and hopped in to make some “tributes” of their own. Shallyah expressed her opinion that “Yesterday died a carcass”, Lozzypops played with WoW lingo saying: “MJ got critted with the DK’s Heart Strike. The priest was AFK. MJ dies.” Anaalius called Michael Jackson his “favorite paedophile”, and Saeephirothh expressed his opinion that he much prefers Gary Glitter.

And Orcchick delivered some hard and uncomfortable truths about life, saying, “Cannot care any less for any deaths of persons I do not know IRL or arent known to ppl i know IRL. There has already been about deaths already. In the next 80 years about humans will die. Its a fact, we all die.” Profound forum truths, however I do suddenly have a Michael Jackson song stuck in my head.

– Katie

Quote of the Day – 13th June 2009

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On the PVP forums, in a thread called “Unkillable healers”, one poor rogue complained at his inability to kill healers as they are too overpowered in their ability to heal. As a response, and our Quote of the Day, is Naiveslaiks of Stormscale, who says:



Couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh wait…

– Katie