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Best blog ever

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We’re going to stop writing mmoredrama from now on. It’s because we just can’t compete with this guy. Read this blog. We feel ashamed to even be posting on the same internet as this awesome guy. šŸ˜¦

“I just feel like working out and tear all my muscles hoping that the pain will overwhelm myself”

– Katie


Take advice from someone who “knows”

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You will find when you quit WoW that you gain a whole new perspective on life in general, and in particular, on the people that you have been playing alongside. Sometimes the spectator sees more of the game, and that’s why it’s always a pleasure to read a “goodbye” post filled with opinions and observations from “the other side”.

The time has come for Cthonya to leave WoW, but before he does, he has a few caring observations to share with us as a parting gift. Isn’t that kind of him? He knows exactly what the world is all about now that he has stepped away from his computer monitor, and instead of being selfish and keeping all of that sacred knowledge to himself, he has decided to share it with us all in an attempt to make the world a better place. So, without further ado, here is what Cthonya had to say in a post entitled, “Finally, toodloo and tata“.

fatIt really all boils down to one single thing.
Unless you get up off your (increasingly) fat arses YOURSELF and venture outside again, in the end your lives really will just amount to nothing more than just screenshots.
There is no such thing as balance in your lives whilst you play Wow. Those who convince themselves that they manage to balance Wow and RL are deluded, there just is nothing more to it.
They are either on the way in or out to become just another wannabe or post hard core player, and there is nothing more to that either.
Loot is god, and there is no other reason your officers are your officers. They are there to control the money and the loot and the goodies and commodities and all the bits that make your belly go all fuzzy inside. The rest is meaningless, just accept it. You are there to make them feel better about themselves, and don’t let them tell you otherwise. Guild Monkey (the one who can delete everyone from the guild and take all the money and stuff whenever they want to) are, well, just fat and useless. The game has no rules, so yeah they can do that and there is absolutely not a single thing you can do about it. Think about it for a second…
Blizzard is no more than a commercial entity. If it wasn’t for them someone else would have done it. Wow is the collective result of all its predecessors and of you. I have nothing against them, I admire them for what they have managed to give so many otherwise lost souls. All that’s missing is a pseudo-messiah and you almost have religion!

How sweet of him to let us know how he feels. And of course, his audience was completely receptive to his positive step towards liberating us WoW players from our life destroying addictions. Forgetting the fact that in the past 6 months, I have been playing WoW fairly casually and still managed to complete my A Levels, get engaged and maintain a healthy social life and family relationships, I think he might be onto something here. After all – he must know. He’s torn away from his WoW addiction and can see what we all fail to realise.

It was disheartening to see people questioning the authenticity behind the controversial words of warning. Cthonya is quitting, and has realised that he was addicted, and therefore we all must be. After all, every person in the world is exactly the same, right?

But one hearty dwarf from Turalyon, Mogan, had a word of warning for Cthonya if he thought life would be all rosy on the other side. “GL on your outside hobbies,” he said, “though make sure you give them up fast or they will control and ruin your life!”

However, I think I’ll grant my Quote of the Day to Conspiracy, who said, “Every 5 seconds a DK quits because the game is too hard. Donate 5 epics a month to keep 50% of WoW’s idiots playing.”

This thread probably won’t be open for long, and is already becoming a bit of a flamefest, which is a shame, because it means that Cthonya’s words will never reach the mass audience that they were intended towards… And overall, the world will be much darker place where fear and addiction keep the masses under control while the dark overlord that is Blizzard continue to rule with tyranny. It’s up to us to spread the message and end this plague once and for all.

– Katie

Quote of the Day – 18th June 2009

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Today’s Quote of the Day appears in the thread of Muslim discrimination.

Janekin says: tampon

i know what you mean though. i got kicked from my last guild because of intolerance too. i was discriminated against because i am a girl. i had to take frequent afks during raids to change my tampon. if i didnt i would get toxic shock syndrome. it only takes a few minutes but because you have to change your tampon once every 4 hours theres no way i could ever raid without this break or i would get a disease.”

– Katie

Quote of the Day – June 16th

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There’s nothing quite like a bit of wasteful money spending to piss off the WoW prolitariate. In this thread, some guy is Hammer_sickle_cleanwanting to buy a Spectral Tiger card/code and querying the reliability of doing so. After much flaming, the suggestion of instead giving the money to charity and the incredible overuse of the word ‘Period’, Ulgen of Twilight’s Hammer drops this bombshell.

LOL! This made me LOL!!! WHO GIVES TO CHARTY??? charty is cretade by communists who wants money for do nothing and go to africa and go liek “omg eruopeans and americans are evil, screw teh west, lets move to CHINA!”””
lol charty!!!!!

/thread. No-one can argue againstĀ that logic.


Quote of the Day – 15th June 2009

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Daine: You know it’s my birthday tomorrow?
Katie: Yes…
Daine: And you’re on your period?
Katie: Yes…?
Daine: Can I stick my willy up your bum?

Quote of the Day – June 14th

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It’s from a couple of days ago, but what the hell. From this thread, where Thermidor with a retarded amount of accented vowels in his name is complaining about mount changes. Because DKs don’t get their mount at 40, wtf? Is this a troll? I sure hope so, but something’s telling me he’s just a giant spoon. Sad thing is he lives in the same town as us šŸ˜¦

Thermidor’s dad is an officer in the Royal Navy, and our esteemed armed forces would be proud to have such a man on board. Thermidor is sure he will jump to the defence of his son after threatened by Lothzarr, with Rubberducky quipping about firing the 18 pounders at said assailant. However, not to be outdone in his own whine thread, Thermidor drops this bombshell.

and rubberducky. the only 18 punder u will c is the dump my dad is gonna take on ur face so kkthxbai

I’m not sure the Navy would approve of such a course, but whatever floats your boat.


Quote of the Day – 13th June 2009

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On the PVP forums, in a thread called “Unkillable healers”, one poor rogue complained at his inability to kill healers as they are too overpowered in their ability to heal. As a response, and our Quote of the Day, is Naiveslaiks of Stormscale, who says:



Couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh wait…

– Katie