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My own view

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cokesDue to the blog post below, written by Daine earlier when I was out at lessons, it may appear that both he and I have some kind of personal vendetta against the guild, and are pursuing that by our continued infiltration of TNE (with me having been promoted to an officer rank – without permission to kick though, unfortunately!) in an attempt to further attack the guild for the actions of the evil TEJ – who has found his way to this blog.

Despite how it may appear to many of the members of my new found home, I’m actually very impressed with the way that TNE handled my assault against their reputation. I found the light-hearted and casual manner of dealing with me to be really inspiring, and both Daine and I sat at the computer at the time giggling appreciatively of the responses we were given.

So, as I said in the comments FAQ, we accept all criticisms regardless of how cruel they can be (I mean, wtf, my weight HARSH DDD: ) but I think your officers and GM like me, so you might have to get used to me being around because it turns out I just love The Noble Europeans, and I won’t be making any more drama threads here about the guild.

– Katie


Time to bitch about TNE, again!

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Well, not really. After browsing their application forums repeatedly, and finding the chewing out of hunters really annoying (repeatedly), we decided that it’d be a good time to deal some swift justice. Or just troll. I’m not really sure what it’d count as.

Now, being as dedicated as we are, we organised a two pronged attack. Some good Armoury policing, while my co-worker diligently started formulating a plan for the front. You can see the results above, and we thought we did a pretty good job. We expected to get flamed to high hell, to have the post deleted and then have to post it elsewhere in a rage that we wouldn’t have our time and hard graft wasted on a recycle bin somewhere. Alas, things didn’t really pan out as planned, and confusion followed. Now, anyone who reads this regularly will realise that it’s a massively satirical take on pretty much everything we find. We’re not really massive trolls, we’re not idiots, but we do however enjoy the idiocy that the internet provides in ample quantity. I somehow feel that is perfectly represented by the fact that the most common search term used to find this blog is ‘girl putting in a tampon’. Both immensely chilling, and yet so apt. Anyhow, I digress.

The application was met with mixed reactions. Almost immediately, requests for pictures were thrown Katie’s way, the ’36D’ comment attracting as much attention as we expected. Never underestimate the power of femininity on the interwebs. We also attracted some pretty hateful comments:

On a whole different matter – this whole stuff is clearly just the bloggers version of a camwhore – you demand attention and gz you got your few mins of fame. Funny you have this big a beef with mr. TeJ when you basicly just is a worse version of him who does not even bring anything constructive with “I WANT ATTENTION” posts…
Anyways get some help, I will so hate when they find u somewhere and some sick journalist finds your blog and blame us for your lack of life.

This makes us sad, as we feel any sick journalist that used us as ammunition would be in denial of quite how sick they indeed were, as writing in an inflammatory or controversial fashion is the very essence of tabloid pap :(. Through IP pilfering, it was also suggested that mental help from a nearby practitioner is required, and we thank Noz for going to the effort of finding suitable accomodation for us. Thankfully, the Noble Fishmaster came to our aid, seeing the humour and taking our criticism in exactly the vein it was meant to be taken. Props to TEJ for teaching us the ways of really laying the smackdown on some foo’s. Yet somehow, SOMEHOW, from this precarious position of hostility that we expected to endure, Noz shockingly turned full circle and decided our mad effortz were worth an invite! Well, one of us anyway, my gender was questioned throughout, with an assault on the pinkness of my nipples another focal point of the defense. To be fair to them,the picture does raise a few questions looking at it, and my package is definitely not as well defined as I usually aim for in such pictures. This will be rectified in a future volume.

Claiming her invite, Katie moved into unknown territory, and the need for breasts in this guild became more apparent. Moera, having just turned 16, blatantly tried to cheat Katie out of her top by claiming to be 18, and asking about webcams. This was mirrored throughout the guild, with murmurs of ‘nipples’, ‘boobs’ and ‘D cup’ recognisable through the normal chatter. Unfortunately, we failed to grab screenshots of further conversation, but we were left with the failing that, while deprived of female company, these guys were actually fairly cool and had a somewhat valid reason for the harassment on their forums. Somewhat. Despite a pretty lengthy troll which was relatively offensive, these guys somehow managed to turn their original view of it and decide that they’d actually be fine with it all and chat in a civil fashion about the whole thing, along with offering to buy accounts to Recruit a Friend boost my fiance who they all now want to sleep with. The things I do for this blog. Although this is a pretty lame ending in terms of drama and hilarity, I think this ends with Human Race 1 – 0 Internet Stupidity.


Time to bitch about TNE

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Anyone that knows anything about Daine as a person will be able to vouch for the fact that I must obviously find arrogance attractive. I love nothing more than a person who knows just how awesome they are. Sometimes, I even like misguided arrogance – I find it charming and endearing.

So, why do I hate “TNE”?

Nah guys, not The New Expedition… The Noble Europeans, a guild on Agamagagagaggan. They were amidst a certain realm forum drama post about a number of different guilds who all think they’re good but allegedly aren’t, and I was curious when I stumbled across the accusation that they flame a rival guild even in potential member’s applications. So I followed the link and found myself here at their webpage, checking out the application section to see if there was any juice.

And of course there were a few pieces of evidence to the claims, but I was no longer interested in that. I was interested in “TEJ”, or “The Elitist Jerk”, who replies to every single hunter application and a large number of other applications with torrents of humiliation, abuse and criticism.

I can’t help but detest people like this. I know, I know, I shouldn’t get wrapped up in the bullying nature of online trolls. This guy, who claims not to be affiliated with the guild, happily rips anybody to shreds that doesn’t have a perfect application.

Whether he’s affiliated with the guild or not, they happily allow him to post on their site. One guy even exposed the real player behind “TEJ” and was slammed by “Noz” (and the post was swiftly deleted), who seems to be the authority of the guild (although I’m not sure if he’s the GM), who said something along the lines of: “If we didn’t want him posting here, we’d ban his account. He makes some valid points.”

So, let’s see how valid his points are. This is the top 10 insulting comments that I could find of TEJ’s on the first few pages of applications. How this guy hasn’t died of stress yet when he gets so offended at the way other people play is beyond me.

10. “Goddamnit, l2read the fucking post and not the “HURR HURR UR OVER THE CAP” part, dipshit.”

9. “Congratulations, you have now reached the evolutionary level of a tapeworm.”

8. “Well fucking played, dipshit. What’s the matter, afraid people wouldn’t spot your blue and ilvl 200 gear with inferior enchants? This screams like “Boost my 3rd alt in naxx and carry it to Ulduar and ilvl 232 weapons”.”

7. “Now did you think I’d miss this golden opportunity to trash a dipshit’s terrible application?

Other than the idiotic “formatting” (read: unformatted walls of text) and spelling on the level of my little sister, there’s these pieces of extraordinary stupidity.”

6. “Get the fuck out of this game, seriously.”

5. “Jesus christ, where DO you find these dipshits?”

4. “Actually, do this wretched hive of scum and villainy of a server a favor and delete your characters and go back studying whatever the fuck you “study”.”

3. “Verdict: You are not a raider. You are a scrub with scrub friends who are lucky enough to gone past some scrubs’ scrub filters and raid with The Ninja Europeans.

Come back when you can show an iota of dedication and an IQ over that of my bellybutton lint.”

2. “HAHAHA OH WOW. Oh fucking wow. Someone hold me, I think I’m about to collapse from laughter. How the FUCK can someone play that long and still stay that fucking bad? Seriously.”

1. “Retards like you disgust me. GTFO of my WoW.”

…And the guild members themselves aren’t the most respectful bunch either. This is a great way, I’m sure, of encouraging people who respect you enough to want to dedicate their evenings to raiding with you to make applications. Keep some shit prick knobhead on the forums to humiliate any shred of dignity in anyone that gives you the compliment of an application. Why people continue to apply to this guild is beyond me, and I don’t give a tiny crap about people who say “Just because one person in the guild is a <bla bla>, doesn’t mean the whole guild is” or whatever, because these people continue to stick around in a guild that is totally up its own arse and pleased to be completely dreadful. I think I can happily brand them guilty by association, and assure anybody that may have stumbled on this post when googling this guild to do a bit of research before applying that I really, REALLY wouldn’t if you actually have any respect for yourself.

I like laughing at people as much as the next person, but this is just beyond fun in my opinion. I’m not in the slightest bit amused. It actually makes me feel a little bit sick.

– Katie